Sun protection systems for public places

Lighting and sun protection concepts for public spaces

Public squares, together with the architecture, form the calling card of a city and require careful, sophisticated planning. Shading concepts for urban spaces in particular are faced with the major challenge of providing reliable protection from the sun and rain without blocking lines of sight or disrupting the openness of the plazas.

Numerous projects all over the world show how MDT-tex architectural concepts for public spaces master precisely this challenge and not only blend into the landscape architecture, but also enhance it visually and functionally. In the process, there are countless ways in which the sun protection systems for cities can be implemented.

For over 30 years, we have been experts in the design and manufacture of high-quality sunshades and textile façades that can be adapted to on-site requirements in terms of form, colour and function. For this purpose, we have developed our own membrane textiles with PTFE (Teflon), which are characterised by their durability, tear resistance, UV resistance and colour fastness. In this way, we can ensure that our sun protection systems for public places and sunshades for municipalities do not lose any of their elegant design and uncompromising functionality, even after a long period of use.

International architectural concepts for public spaces

With our production sites and company headquarters in Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Australia, Croatia and the USA, we can support international projects on site and assist you from the initial designs to production. Numerous reference projects in public places, markets and at events have already been created in this way in the most diverse places in the world, whereby MDT-tex has been able to assert itself against the competition thanks to its many years of experience, high quality standards and great flexibility.

This is how our sunshades for communities and sun protection systems for cities manage to create protected and visually separated areas that nevertheless do not lose openness and retain their unique architectural character. The many public spaces where we have had the privilege of implementing our canopy solutions for cities serve as a walk-in exhibition for us and demonstrate the high quality of our architectural sunshades on a daily basis.

MDT-tex international shading concepts for urban spaces

You can see for yourself at locations all over the world how perfectly our sunshades for public spaces blend into their surroundings. We have equipped public squares, shopping centres, museums and urban spaces in New York, Los Angeles, Dublin, Melbourne, Berlin, Schwäbisch Gmünd and many other locations with our shading solutions.

Meeting House Square in Ireland

In Dublin, a very special MDT-tex construction can be seen covering the tourist attraction of Meeting House Square. This square has previously been a popular venue for open-air cinema nights, theatre performances and other events, but the changeable Irish weather has often thrown a spanner in the planning

Four special tulip umbrellas from MDT-tex, 21 metres high and each measuring 11 x 14 metres, now span the unique Meeting House Square, allowing events to take place regardless of the weather. The slightly slanted position of the membrane umbrellas overlap each other to form a continuous, protected area. However, so that residents are not obstructed in their view by the umbrellas before and after events, they can be closed within seven minutes. During the events, lighting from above makes them a bright, friendly and inviting place that is protected but no less open.

High Line in New York

In western Manhattan, the High Line is an old railway line that has been elaborately transformed into a public meeting place used for jogging, lunch breaks or as a footpath above the streets. To ensure that staying or exercising here is not a torture even in summer, MDT-tex has equipped the 2.33 km long stretch with high-quality tulip umbrellas.

These can be dismantled at short notice for events thanks to the flexible anchoring, while the inserted 250 kg concrete slabs still ensure a secure hold. The unique umbrella design also allows rainwater to drain away via the inside of the umbrella pole, so that the High Line umbrellas in New York also serve as rain protection. Visually, the organic shape of the tulip umbrellas blends perfectly with the High Line's wooden decking and landscaped areas, creating their own natural oasis amidst the city's urban backdrop.

Åbenrå in Denmark

Another spectacular example of our sunshades for public spaces can be found in the Danish town of Åbenrå, or Aabrenraa. The brief there was not only to design a shading and rain protection solution for the market square, but also to integrate lighting at the same time.

Together with the landscape architects, we designed the sunshades for the market square.

Together with the landscape designers from Topotek1, Berlin, we used our popular telescopic umbrellas. The umbrellas are opened and closed at the touch of a button and offer sun protection, rain protection and integrated LED lighting all in one. The lighting was used in such a way that it continues to illuminate the space even when the umbrellas are closed.

Parasols for architects

Our architectural parasols are not only suitable for enhancing and protecting public spaces, but can also be used as a figurehead for architects and landscape architects. We have always worked with a wide variety of designers, so you can work with us to co-design your own sunshades for landscape architects and sunshades for architects and customise them for your company locations.

After all, it is indispensable in this industry that every detail, from the smallest business card to the parasol in front of the door, represents one's work appropriately and shows how perfectly parasols for landscape architects, for example, combine elegant form and practical function.

With MDT-tex, you get an experienced partner who has been designing and manufacturing canopy solutions for cities, sunshade systems for public spaces and combined lighting and shading concepts for private, commercial and public spaces since 1990. Our own production halls and warehouses as well as our company headquarters all over the world offer you a contact person on site who will accompany you from the first design to the installation of the shade.