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Our carport provides ultimate protection while also charging your EV with solar energy.



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Our Cantilever Solar Carport provides the perfect solution for those looking to protect their vehicles from the sun, rain, and snow while also harnessing solar energy to charge electric vehicles. With standardized dimensions of 5.3m x 5.3m, it can accommodate two regular parking spaces. The high-quality, weather-resistant PVC membrane can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and is easily replaceable.

In addition to providing protection for your vehicles, our Solar Carport allows you to generate eco-friendly energy. It comes equipped with 15 PV modules, each with a power output of 270-360Wp (depending on the preferred supplier).

Our Solar Carports are maintenance-free and offer various lighting options. The wiring is housed within the central mast, and various EV charging models can easily be integrated into the mast.

Experience the protection and benefits of our Cantilever Solar Carport with charging station - perfect for XXL carports and solar carports with charging stations.

Benefits & Features

  • Easily charge your electric vehicle with the EV charging feature.
  • Solar energy harvesting technology allows you to save money and energy while protecting the environment.
  • MDT-tex's maintenance-free design ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • Customize your patio umbrella with various accessories such as lightning, and sound systems.
  • All materials are resistant to water corrosion, and the umbrella's frame is powder-coated for added durability.
  • Easily replaceable materials ensure the longevity of the umbrella.


  • Adapter: The inner mast serves as the channel for the electrical conduits and is made of steel to ensure maximum durability.
  • Cover: The highest quality PVC material covers the umbrella, which is replaceable and fade, light, and water-resistant, designed to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Anchor: The ground tube includes integrated water pipes and is a pre-engineered foundation for added stability.
  • Printing: Choose from digital print, screen print, and dispersion dye print to customize the umbrella.
  • Mast: The umbrella's frame is powder-coated with polyester powder at 80μ, and white RAL 9010 is the standard color, though other colors are possible.
  • Solar System: Fifteen PV panels, each with a capacity of 270-360Wp, depending on your preferred supplier, are integrated into the umbrella to provide solar energy harvesting.
  • Accessories: The central mast houses cabling, and there are various lighting options, transport cases, and EV charger models available to be integrated into the umbrella.
  • Fabrics & Colors: MDT-tex 680 is the PVC material used for optimal weather protection, with a mass of around 680 g/m². It is rated DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 for both flat and folded use.


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