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Typ MF - Modular flooring



The "modular event floor" is one of the newest products in our range. The individual planks, available in different sizes, are inserted into aluminium frames and screwed together to create a stable, walkable surface. Because the panels are different in shape and size, the accessible area can be variably planned and adapted to your needs and local conditions. The eucalyptus wood planks can be placed either lengthwise or crosswise according to taste. Slight unevenness of the subfloor can be corrected with support bearings so that a straight surface is created. For safety reasons, a stainless steel railing can be mounted on the outer frame rim, e.g. to provide protection from the roadway in the case of installations directly on the road.

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    Our wooden flooring modules are made out of eucalyptus wood and produced in our own workshop in Portugal. The planks are screwed on an aluminium frame, which is easier to level on the final terrace. In our warehouses we store a large number of modules to react quickly for your event or project. Furthermore, we can install stainless steel railings or side walls to your terrace if needed for safety or acoustic reasons.


    • Eucalyptus wood
    • B2/B3


    • Easy installation
    • modular flooring parts
    • All parts attached by screws can be easily replaced
    • Possible with lights integrated
    • Installation possible with hand rails
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