XXL sun protection: Large-format umbrella

Just as is the case for our standard umbrellas, the XXL series features all the amenities you are looking for. Our main focus here is design and functionality, guaranteeing you and your guests a spectacular experience. Our XXL range of umbrellas are particularly well-suited for industrial use. Whether in the outdoor area of your restaurant, on the patio of your hotel, or as advertising space at outdoor events: All of our large umbrellas are distinguished by water resistance and an extremely large canopy area which is perfect for displaying your logo. The large membrane also provides plenty of space for you to place a large number of tables and chairs in your outdoor area, protected from sun and rain.

Type E XXL - Tulip Form

an innovative, lightweight, modular canopy system

Type T XXL - Classical Form

a daring example of textile architecture that creates a cozy, protected atmosphere

Extra-large umbrellas – extra-high quality

Whether you are interested in standard-sized umbrellas or XXL-sized: A large umbrella from MDT-tex always makes a good impression with its innovative and exclusive protection against rain and sun. When you choose an XXL umbrella from MDT-tex you are choosing exceptionally high quality. Within our range of XXL-designs we offer two models – E XXL and T XXL. Thanks to special lighting technology, artistic effects can be created on the membrane of both XXL umbrella types, leaving your guests with a lasting positive impression. The tulip XXL umbrellas are not only waterproof; they also collect rainwater inside the membrane. This is then fed through the pole into the drain, relieving you of the chore of removing the water from the canopy by hand. In addition to this special feature, the multi-segment membrane is also characterized by absolute resistance to light and weather. But of course this is nowhere near all: MDT-tex also offers for its XXL umbrellas an optional electrical mechanism to make it easy for you to open and close your large umbrella.

Large umbrellas from the experts

XXL umbrellas are one of our specialties. The Model T umbrella from our XXL series, for example, is conceived especially for locations subject to too many regulations and restrictions to permit installation of a large sun protection system. Integrated heating elements and loudspeakers guarantee your guests hours of atmosphere and enjoyment, and the internally routed cables for indirect lighting are integrated into the specially-designed pole. In this way we guarantee the highest possible degree of modernity.

An XXL umbrella from MDT-tex: Wide span and high stability

Resistant against all environmental conditions and available with acrylic or polyester fabric, our large umbrellas will positively impress both you and your guests. Robust poles securely anchored in the foundation, reinforced ribs and extra tear-resistant membranes grant our large umbrellas the greatest stability – even in climatically challenging, windy locations. With its enormous span an XXL umbrella from MDT-tex provides shading and drainage for entire areas. We believe that modernity, functionality, and design go hand in hand. And you?