Textile Facades and a Various Types of Umbrellas for Your Outdoor Area

At MDT-tex, we specialize in creating unique open-air spaces with our diverse types of umbrellas and textile facades. Whether for festive occasions or as weather protection systems, our large umbrellas offer versatility and sophistication. Our mission is to craft individual outdoor living spaces where people worldwide can gather and feel at home, whether it’s in a private garden or a public space. Our high-quality products, ranging from professional umbrellas to large-area sail or tent structures, combine unique form and function for innovative, weather-resistant shading solutions.

Aluminum Umbrellas: Weather-Proof and Maintenance-Free

Our MDT-Tex Aluminum umbrellas, available in various sizes, are perfect for any outdoor setting. Crafted with solid, durable, and rust-free profiles, these umbrellas provide long-lasting weather protection.

Aluminium Umbrellas

Weather-proof and maintenance-free

Utilizing solide profiles that are durable and rust-free, MDT-Tex Aluminium umbrellas are offered in a wide variety of sizes and can be configured easily in any outdoor situation. Their hard-wearing materials ensure weather protection for years to come.

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Double Canopy Umbrella

Lightness and flexibility

This umbrellas creates a pillow of light when illuminated in the evenings. A special connection detail and central drainage mechanism allows these umbrellas to seamlessly cover any expanse of space without the ingress of rain. This leads to visionary opportunities to embrace the outdoors.

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From Planning to Professional Umbrella

Whether you need shading for a restaurant patio, an outdoor stage, or a classic wooden umbrella for your garden, MDT-tex has a solution. We specialize in manufacturing textile membrane structures and a variety of umbrella types, offering customized outdoor architecture for every occasion.

What Makes MDT-TEX Sun Protection Systems Special

  • Fully customizable
  • Seemless integration into existing infrastructures
  • Designed for efficiency (e.g water drainage system, solar energy)
  • Create ambience through lighting and scented elements

Our sun protection systems are versatile, integrable, technologically efficient, and designed to create memorable experiences. From material choices to customizable options like lighting, heating, and printing, our umbrellas and membrane structures set the standard for innovation and quality.

Individual, not industrial

You would like to increase your brand presence? We offer you the opportunity to give perfect expression to your individuality - in the true sense of the word! We are happy to brand your catering umbrella or your oversized shading system and to transfer any desired layout to a variety of umbrella shapes. From the initial idea to the final print, our team is at your side, helping you make a professional umbrella into YOUR professional umbrella.

High-Quality Material for Exclusive Umbrellas


Choose from our high-end materials, including aluminum, textile, or steel, to ensure top quality and durability. Our in-house developed textile fibers like polyester, acrylic, PVC, and PTFE (Teflon) are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, offering extraordinary durability and long service life for our range of umbrellas.