The Idea behind the outdoor furniture line

Through our work with wooden materials such as eucalyptus wood, coconut thread and high-quality linen, to use these products for a simple outdoor collection. Kasper Borchers, a young furniture designer from Copenhagen, took care of the task and was iterating over three month the right functionality, design and materials. Through our outdoor furniture project, we hope to serve well for outdoor living rooms and to bring the atmosphere of interior spaces to the outside with natural materials and high quality fabric. Our vision for an outdoor space is an extended inside space, which merges to the outside.

Lounge Chair

An outdoor lounger made from eucalyptus wood


The long outdoor lounge which combines elegance with natural elements

Coffee Table

The outdoor side table for versatile use

Dining Chair

A dining chair ready to take to your summer place

Sustainable and natural outdoor materials

With our sustainable outdoor furniture collection, we use eco-friendly materials and manufacture them close to their source. We are enabled to do so with our wooden workshop in Portugal, wherefore we concentrate mainly on the processing of the near by growing Eucalyptus wood. To mark a counterpart to other outdoor furniture pieces, which use a large amounts of artificial polymers to ensure weather proof ness, we limited ourself to hard wood eucalyptus, natural fibres, and recycled polymers. 

Classic design with natural elements

The design finding stage was intentionally limited by various production constraints, to ensure an easy set-up of the large scale production and an efficient use of resource. The designer of the outdoor collection Kasper Borchers, was able to design an slim chair and lounger, which both were inspired by classic Italian design and his Scandinavian craftsmanship. The foldable chair or also ,klapstol, can be stored easily when folded in, as it uses minimum space in storage. To manoeuvre the outdoor lounger furniture efficiently, it can be stacked.

The complete outdoor set for your terrace

With our new set of outdoor furniture pieces, we wan to offer our clients a complete outdoor competence. The outdoor furniture collection marks the entry into new design projects,MDT-tex wants to complete with its wooden competence in Eucalyptus and landscaping experience. The slim design of the lounger and foldable chair, enable the user to maximise their usage of limited terrace space. This can be especially an important factor for decision makers in the hospitality industry or for urbanists who want to enjoy the free space on their balcony.