Exclusive patio furniture made to be combined with shade

Our furniture is individually designed by internal and external designers and is particularly suitable for use in the catering industry as exclusive garden and patio furniture. As with our sunshade products, we think about the optimal use of open spaces and the high quality of outdoor living. 

Director Chair

Combining sustainable materials with classic design and functionality

Bar Stool

A great companion for your outdoor bar

Sun Lounger

The sun lounger with a special charm

Dining Tables

Robust eucalyptus wood tables for gastronomy and perfect outdoor culinary experiences

Lounge Chair

An outdoor lounger made from eucalyptus wood

Lounge Bench

The long outdoor lounge which combines elegance with natural elements

Harmonizing Outdoor Aesthetics and Functionality

With Patio Furniture from MDT-tex

MDT-tex is renowned for its innovative approach to enhancing outdoor living areas, especially with its exquisite terrace furniture range. Our focus is on elevating terraces across various settings, including residential homes, hotels, and event spaces, into luxurious, comfortable, and stylish areas. The blend of our advanced sunshade solutions and tailor-made outdoor patio furniture sets the stage for a sublime retreat right in the comfort of your outdoor space.

Our journey into terrace furniture design was a natural progression from our expertise in shade solutions, driven by our commitment to using environmentally friendly materials. 

In our quest to enhance outdoor terraces, MDT-tex delivers unique furniture collections that marry style with function. We cater to a diverse range of outdoor settings, ensuring each piece of furniture not only looks stunning but also serves its purpose effectively. This philosophy is key to creating an effortless flow from the indoor elegance to the charm of the outdoor space, enriching the overall experience.

Offering a comprehensive suite of sunshade systems and terrace furniture, we provide a streamlined process for our clients. Our international footprint allows us to extend prompt and efficient support throughout the project, from conceptualization to the final touches of installation.

Sustainability at the Core of Our Terrace Designs

At MDT-tex, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability in our terrace furniture designs. We are committed to using renewable, eco-friendly materials like eucalyptus wood, ensuring our furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible. This approach to material selection brings a touch of natural elegance to any terrace setting.

Incorporating elements like coconut rope, sisal, or flax into our designs, we create patio furniture that offers comfort and style. These natural materials are woven with expert craftsmanship, providing a unique texture and feel to our seating options.

A Wide Array of Choices in Patio Furniture

The MDT-tex collection is diverse, featuring lounge chairs, benches, side tables, and dining chairs, all crafted to infuse a sense of Mediterranean warmth into any setting. Whether it’s for a relaxed family gathering or a sophisticated outdoor event, our furniture fits seamlessly.

For challenging terrains, we offer innovative wooden flooring solutions that adapt to create a stable and attractive foundation for our furniture and sunshades, enhancing the overall ambiance of the terrace.

MDT-tex: Crafting Idyllic Terrace Experiences

At MDT-tex, we blend creative design with in-house manufacturing prowess to deliver top-tier terrace furnishing solutions. Our approach ensures a cohesive and efficient process, providing high-quality, visually appealing solutions that transform terraces into enchanting spaces for both commercial and personal use.