Solar Canopies, solar carports and solar umbrellas to be used as EV charging stations

The idea behind a solar filling station or solar charging station is simple, but ingenious: The main task of sunshades, carports or sunroofs is to keep the sun away. So why should the UV radiation be kept away unused and not be put to good use?

This is exactly the consideration we have implemented in our mobility canopies and for sunshades with PV panels and equipped the shading solution with smart features. Thus, our solar carports and solar umbrellas not only protect against the effects of UV radiation, but also convert it directly into usable energy.

Create your own solar charging station

Many businesses, companies and government agencies just want to motivate their employees use of alternative drives, but often lack a continuous network of available charging stations. Our MDT-tex mobility canopies protect cars and e-bikes from the heat while providing the energy to charge vehicles while they are parked

The right solution for every solar parking space

We have developed two different MDT-tex solar canopies with PV panels to turn a plain parking lot into a Sustainable Carport. The two mobility canopies are available in symmetrical form with a central pole or in asymmetrical form with a pole offset to the side, so that the space available can be optimally utilized for each parking space.

The size covers approximately two usual parking spaces and thanks to the charging option, the mere parking place thus becomes a solar carport. The elegant umbrella constructions are thereby built in such a way that inside the mast the cables run invisibly and that also a rain drainage can take place over the soil anchorage.

A sustainable carport with MDT-tex sunshades finally ensures that the vehicles do not heat up during the parking period due to unprotected solar radiation and at the same time offer the possibility of becoming an in-house solar filling station via an E-charging station.

This way, weather protection can be used more smartly and, at the same time, the solar charging station plays a part in improving the region's charging infrastructure and itself creates incentives for electric mobility by simplifying the search for a charging station, which is otherwise often an obstacle. In addition, our solar shelters can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

Create your custom solution!

Outdoor workstations and smart outdoor terraces

Sunshades and canopies equipped with solar panels eliminate the need for costly installation of an external power supply. For example, the outdoor facilities of a company or the terrace of a restaurant or hotel can be equipped with shady energy providers that make working, surfing and charging possible outdoors.

Universities or other educational institutions can also benefit from having a portion of their power consumption generated directly on-site at the sunshade or carport, allowing employees, students, or pupils to work outside independently of battery power. In addition, interest in sustainable solutions for power supply as well as e-mobility has risen sharply, so having your own e-charging station can help present yourself as an attractive, sustainable employer or place to study.

With its own covered e-bike charging station, the company's own e-bike fleet can also be supplied with power and the high-quality investment can also be protected from the weather. And finally, it is also a clear competitive advantage for hotels and catering establishments if customers have access to charging stations for electric vehicles, protected parking areas and atmospherically designed outdoor areas with charging options for the electronic devices.

Design and function in perfect unity

An e-bike charging station or solar parasol not only has functional advantages, but also immediately catches the eye visually. The basic design is based on our award-winning tulip parasols, which develop a unique ambience with their shape that opens upwards - and at the same time are even better protected from the wind.

This turns the simple parking space into an architectural carport and the outdoor area into an outdoor workplace with an individual design atmosphere. Depending on the design, the solar solutions can be implemented in stable constructions with wind resistance up to 120 km/h. The simple solar umbrellas are also equipped with motorized opening and closing mechanisms to make the operation as simple as possible.

If desired, there is the option of additionally equipping the shade-giving energy provider with lighting solutions, so that the umbrellas and canopies flow into the surrounding architecture as a design element. Above all, the clean, uncluttered design, in which the water drainage and cables are routed inside the pole, means that the Solar Umbrellas no longer look like simple sunshades, but rather like high-quality design elements.

From design to the final product at your side

We have been at your side since 1990 with our experience, our in-house manufacturing, and our design and planning teams throughout the project phase. We work with you to develop the perfect solution tailored to your needs, finding the perfect foundation for this in our in-house materials.

After planning, we design, model and test the designs and can react flexibly at our own production sites if the wishes or requirements should change. We also take delivery and assembly in hand, so that we are always perfectly in the picture in case of any queries.

In addition, for even more sustainability and longevity, we offer the right accessories as well as customized spare parts, so that in an emergency, a defective individual part does not ruin the entire umbrella. In this way, we have been ensuring our unique quality for over 30 years and can still operate internationally at our numerous company headquarters and production sites. This additionally ensures the shortest possible processing and delivery time for you, as well as a direct contact person on site in many cases.

So together with us you can realize your architecture carport, your textile facade or your sunshade canopies and upgrade your outdoor area with practical solar modules. This not only sets a clear sustainable signal, but also provides your guests, employees or students with an atmospheric, protected outdoor area with real, immediately usable added value. And last but not least, such solar charging options are an energy-saving solution not only for public or company areas, but also for private properties.