Customized parasol solutions for architects

Cooperations with architects has increased considerably in recent years, which is why we currently employ our own team of planners and architects. We are happy to support you in the planning of parasols or the individual design of your project.


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Our design parasols create not only shade, but also add value to outdoor life

Our design parasols combine stability and functionality with a unique product design. Whether you are planning a public area, terrace or individually designed open space - we have the right parasol for your need. With our product portfolio we offer you a selection of storm-safe, functional or design parasols. None of the solutions is suitable for your project? No problem! Just get in touch with us. As a German manufacturer, we always have the possibility to adapt our products to your ideas.

With MDT a competent planning partner at your side

Protecting the desired surface from sun and rain is no longer our main goal. We are constantly on the lookout to create even greater value with our parasols. With our Double Canopy Parasol or Tulip Parasol, it is not only possible to protect yourself against the sun, but also to drain off the collected rainwater and store it. Both models have an underground drainage system which can be combined with a water filter and corresponding water tanks. Basically, it is possible to combine our design parasols with a variety of electrical modules. Examples are LED lighting, radiant heaters or fans. This allows us to create added value regardless of the time of day or season.