Classic/nostalgic wooden umbrella from MDT-tex

What do you get when you combine nostalgia and elegance? Simple: The high-quality wooden umbrella from MDT-tex. The Model H wooden umbrella is an impressive showpiece not only on private patios – it can also act as a wonderful complement to the older architecture of public buildings. This is due to the natural, warm atmosphere that a wooden umbrella exudes. The high quality features of the wooden umbrella from MDT-tex include not only the water and weather resistance of its membranes, but especially the eucalyptus wood used to make the pole and frame.

Type H - Wooden Umbrella

Pure nostalgia – stylish elegance not only for private patios

Professional functionality and nostalgic design – our wooden umbrellas

Our eucalyptus wood umbrella is not only exceptionally decorative, it also has several impressive functional features. For example, a strong pulley system makes opening and closing the umbrella uncomplicated. This system is made of stainless steel, a guarantee for durability and additional strength. And this is why you can leave your MDT-tex wooden umbrella out of doors no matter the weather conditions. For us, a colorfast, tear- and wear-resistant membrane which is also easy to replace is a natural feature of any sophisticated sun shade. And so our wooden umbrella has exactly these features.

Discover wooden umbrellas from MDT-tex: Holiday atmosphere for your home

A holiday feel even at home? With a wooden umbrella from MDT-tex you can count on it. Eucalyptus wood radiates a feeling of warmth reminiscent of a Mediterranean holiday: warm evenings on white sandy beaches and a cool drink in your hand, gazing across the open sea. But aside from the wonderful memories of that last holiday, many people prefer wooden umbrellas for their natural qualities. Wooden umbrellas are also especially attractive over your outdoor catering area. Use the Model H wooden umbrella from MDT-tex to add a timeless, classic touch to your lounge area or outdoor café furniture and guarantee your guests an unforgettable feel-good

An umbrella made of wood: Many advantages await you

Whether for the private or business sphere, choose one of our wooden umbrellas and benefit from the wide spectrum of advantages it provides. You will love the easily replaceable membrane which is nonetheless securely screwed to the frame. For your umbrella canopy you can choose between acrylic and polyester fabric. The former is spinneret-dyed, and the latter is coated with acrylate on both sides. We highly recommend both fabric types. Are you still unsure as to which membrane is best for your particular application? Or whether the MDT-tex wooden umbrella is even suitable for your selected location? Contact us as any time – our umbrella experts are happy to advise you and to answer any questions you may have!