MDT-tex supplies windproof sunshades, that can withstand strong wind forces.

Our patio umbrellas are wind resistant up to 130 km/h and therefore well suited for wind-exposed regions, such as beaches or mountains. Thus MDT-tex serves the market of storm-proof outdoor umbrellas in a trendsetting way.


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Wind Resistant Parasols from MDT-tex: our secret for safe outdoor sheltering.

Strong wind is the biggest challenge for a high-quality parasol. The larger the covering, the larger the surface area for the wind to attack and the more important professional solutions such as our wind resistant parasol types are. In combination with the appropriate ground anchoring, our strongest variants can withstand wind speeds of up to 130 km/h - and that when open.

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Special wind resistant Parasol with Heating and Light

To extend the outdoor season of your catering business, we also offer practical add-ons such as optional lighting or heating elements. For example, with a beer garden parasol 4x4m you can reliably protect against rain and UV radiation in the summer, but also cover the cooler early and late season with the heating elements and lighting.

And last but not least, especially the lighting elements are an important component, because integrated in the windresistant parasol they do not require any additional space to set up or hang and thus allow a cozy stay in the evening hours.

Special stability in windy areas due to additional reinforcement
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TYPE TK - windresistant parasol WITH KEDER RAIL
TYPE TK - windresistant parasol WITH KEDER RAIL
Special stability in windy areas due to wind-resistant keder rail
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TYPE UB - wind proof umbrella bar
TYPE UB - wind proof umbrella bar
MDT-tex offers an ideal solution for outdoor seating with its Type UB umbrella bars.
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MDT-tex supplies high quality umbrellas made in Germany.

Our sunshades are manufactured by our own architecture and structural engineering team with German brand quality. Thus, these umbrellas are statically tested, meet high requirements and visually fit perfectly into any environment.

Easy to set-up, simple maintenance and long durability

Our umbrellas are easy to maintain and have smooth handling. At the same time, these umbrellas are designed to be durable and safe. With our wide range of parasol solutions, you get reliable shelter with ease of use at the same time.

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Exclusive and stable - our parasols withstand wind and weather.

The solid anchoring of the umbrellas in the ground, the extremely tear-resistant membrane, and round or oval masts with a strong diameter and stable, reinforced struts make our umbrellas what they are: extremely windproof.

Customize your parasol with practical add-ons.

Get the most out of your parasol - with our customized solutions and practical additional equipment. Choose optional lighting or heating elements, for example. MDT-tex offers reliable shelter without compromising on accessibility or aesthetics.

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What distinguishes our wind-proof sunshades?

First of all, we rely on our self-developed parasol membranes, which are available in different thicknesses and all of which are characterized by their durability, UV resistance and tear resistance. Depending on the model, our robust parasol fabrics can also be customized with color and logo designs. This way, your storm-proof parasol fits harmoniously into the overall picture and is also a signboard for your company.

In addition to the tear-resistant and durable covering, the mast and the anchoring in the ground are decisive when it comes to long-lasting parasols in continuous use. If no strong gusts are to be expected, mobile solutions with cross stands or concrete stands are often sufficient.

However, a permanent storm-proof fastening with the help of an anchoring sleeve embedded in the ground produces the most stable results. Folding adapters or models with integrated water drainage are also possible. In addition, we offer our parasol frames with round or oval poles - with reinforcements as required - which have a strong diameter.

Parasols with long life

Our professional parasols are designed to withstand high loads over a long period of time, so you can enjoy your custom shade solutions for as long as possible. As a result, the basic structure of our parasols is designed to provide reliable service for a useful life of 20 years or more.

And if a mishap does occur and individual parts of the restaurant parasols are damaged, or if the design of your outdoor areas changes, the robust parasols can be repaired or converted again with our numerous replacement parts.

From the small screw to the complete new covering, we are at your side with personal advice and help. And last but not least, thanks to our in-house production, we can always check and ensure compliance with our high quality requirements for wind-proof parasols.


Wind resistant parasols

Wind resistant parasols

Stable weather protection up to 100 km/h wind speed

Strong wind is the biggest challenge for a high-quality parasol. The larger the covering, the larger the area of attack for the wind and the more important are professional solutions like our storm-proof parasol types. Our strongest versions, in combination with the appropriate ground anchoring, can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km/h - and that when open.

For locations that are permanently exposed to the wind, we also offer specially reinforced umbrella types that remain wind stable even at speeds of up to 130 km/h, making them ideal for outdoor areas by the sea or in alpine landscapes. When packed, the umbrellas can withstand even greater wind forces and thanks to our smooth opening and closing mechanisms, you can react flexibly to sudden changes in weather conditions.

How we make our parasols windproof

In order to construct a parasol or cantilever umbrella windproof, every detail is important. Thanks to our cooperation with architects and structural engineers, we know how to secure a parasol in the wind and what reinforcements are required. Which parasol is suitable for how much wind depends on various factors:

  • Round or oval masts with a strong diameter
  • Stable, reinforced struts
  • Tear-resistant and hard-wearing coverings

With these features we can make even cantilever umbrellas storm-proof and thus offer you a large selection of different umbrellas, independent of location and weather conditions.


Which parasol at how much wind is suitable

Many of our classic parasols can withstand wind forces of up to 60 m/h with the appropriate ground anchoring, so that you can even use cantilever parasols in windy conditions. If you are unsure whether a cantilever umbrella is permanently suitable for your location, you will find what you are looking for in our telescopic umbrellas which, with the appropriate anchoring and reinforcement, can withstand wind forces of up to 130 km/h.


Practical accessories for your windproof parasols

If the weather conditions are so uncomfortable that no guest can stay outside anyway, you can quickly and easily secure the parasol in the wind thanks to the smooth-running mechanisms and practical accessories. With the ground sleeves in various designs, the parasol is securely anchored during the first assembly and with the matching safety straps and protective covers you can protect the material from wear and tear.

And last but not least, we have also made provisions for the worst case scenario and offer almost every single part for replacement, from individual screws and replacement struts to completely new coverings, to make our parasols storm-proof but also sustainable.