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Type SHW - Timber Structure


The Wooden Shade Structure from MDT-tex, incorporating glulam wood, stands out with its unique design featuring three clover-shaped segments. This blend of glulam wood and PVC membrane results in a contemporary, flexible structure that is both environmentally friendly and visually striking, making it suitable for a variety of settings.



Product information


The Wooden Solar Carport, constructed from glulam wood, is valued for its robust strength and lightness, bolstering both the carport's sturdiness and its sustainable profile. This choice of glulam wood signifies a mindful approach to design, balancing structural support with environmental stewardship. It demonstrates a dedication to enduring construction and a preference for materials that support ecological well-being.


The structure is wrapped in a specially chosen PVC membrane, meticulously designed to be water-repellent, ensuring resilience to weather changes. This protective layer is crucial for the longevity of the structure, offering a durable yet aesthetically pleasing shelter. Its high-quality material is selected to preserve the structure's elegance and functionality through varying weather, providing a dependable and stylish outdoor shelter solution.


The Wooden Shade Structure is designed with a singular, streamlined form, drawing on organic shapes to blend seamlessly into various settings. Ideal for multiple uses, its natural look complements its surroundings while serving as a practical feature for outdoor activities.


The structure's design emphasizes ecological responsibility, with the ability to be easily transported and repurposed in various settings. This flexibility ensures a reduced carbon footprint and embodies our approach to sustainable development and use.


This unique structure not only enhances spaces with its natural aesthetics and functional adaptability but also represents our dedication to environmental stewardship and cutting-edge design.


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