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Type EV - Tensilation



  • M00FR White (00)
  • M11FR Yellow (11)
  • M21FR Beige (21)
  • M31FR Red (31)
  • M35FR Bordeaux (35)
  • M41FR Green (41)
  • M42FR Dark green (42)
  • M52FR Dark blue (52)
  • M81FR Anthracite (81)
  • M91FR Black (91)
  • M21PTFE White-Beige (21)

The tensilation construction consists of any number of individual canopy modules. These parasols or modules are oriented upwards in their design, similar to the tulip parasols, and are available both in a square and a diamond-shaped ground plan. Both basic shapes can be freely combined with each other as in a modular system.

This design was developed and realized for the first time in a cooperation between MDT-tex and the architects of GRIMSHAW. The sunshade is connected to each other via membrane connectors and thus forms an integral roof.



The Tensilation modules are not only statically connected via the membrane, but also via the aluminium construction. This means that the more modules are combined with each other, the more stable and windproof the whole system becomes. The central masts of the individual modules are also used to drain water, similar to the tulip umbrellas.

The parasol 4m is available both square and diamond shaped. The individual modules are opened by a coated polyester rope, which is secured by an automatically closing chamber. After opening, the pull rope is conveniently stowed in the mast. With a weight of less than 30kg, the frame of the type EV is very light and can be assembled by 3 fitters within one minute per square meter.

The membrane of the system consists of the membrane of the screen and the membrane of the connecting elements between the individual tensilation racks. The membrane of the parasol can act as a brand ambassador through personalised imprints. The connectors are made of 100% polyester fabric with PVDF coating.

The support column of the module can be made by permanently installed ground sockets. For mobile event applications, however, a special, height-adjustable steel floor system can also be used to ensure perfect positioning of the modules. The system can also be freely designed with a choice of surface claddings.


Due to the fast assembly and the effective design the type EV Tensilation is especially interesting for events, fairs or celebrations outdoors.

Due to the seamless connection between the modules, even extensive areas can be covered and open spaces can be created outside.


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    Designed by MDT and Grimshaw Architects, the Tensilation (Type EV series) canopy represents a major shift in the concept of shelter systems. It offers both the flexibility that comes with modular canopies and the engineering advantages of a unified structure. The system can be used independently for events or annexed to buildings or marquees to deal quickly with changes in crowd size. Square and diamond shaped canopies connect together in a flexible variety of configurations that create an elegant overall impression. 

    By adding more units to the modular system, the entire structure becomes stronger and increasingly wind resistant. Drainage takes place via a series of central supporting columns and each canopy piece is connected with a watertight capping to produce a robust and weather protective system. The lightweight frame is under 30 kg and can be installed by three people at around 1 sq m per minute. Erection time is considerably reduced compared to marquees and existing canopy systems, making them ideal for events and ceremonies.


    The cover consists of a top mesh which protects the system from the ingress of leaves and particles, and a bottom cover which is fixed to the frame with Sterling Steel screws at the ends of the spokes. The cover is replaceable and is resistant of fading, light and water. It is designed to withstand a wide range of all weather conditions and special connectors made from PVDF coated polyester and polycarbonate connect the canopies without gaps, to provide continuous weather protection.


    • Tensilation can be used with permanently installed ground anchors which can be mounted either to engineered steel plates or to concrete ballast.


    • For mobile events, Tensilation has its own proprietary height adjustable, galvanized steel flooring system that ensures the perfect positioning of canopy units in any configuration.
    • A choice of surface finishes is available, from super lightweight sandwich panels to a standard 21 mm plywood.


    • Digital print
    • Screen print
    • Dispersion dye print


    The spokes are made out of specially designed aluminium profiles (50x30mm with integrated keder channels) supported by hi-tensile galvanised steel cables, which reduce the system weight considerably. The centre pole has a aluminium profile also with integrated channels for the opening system and electrical conduit. The central hub contains a U profile for the attachment of the spokes. The frame is powder coated (polyester powder ca. 80 μ).

    • DB 706 Anthracite Matte (standard)
    • White RAL 9010 (optional)
    • Black RAL 9005 (optional)


    The canopy is opened and closed using a coated polyester rope developed specially for the sailing industry that boasts high UV stability and super low friction coefficient. The rope is secured using an automatically-locking yachting cleat for safety, and the rope can be conveniently tucked away into the mast after installation.


    • Opening and closing by hand
    • All materials are water and corrosion resistant
    • All parts attached by screws can be easily replaced
    • Possibility to add lighting and electrical devices
    • Safely handles winds up to 85 km/h when placed in an ideal configuration


    • Transport bags included as standard
    • Various lighting options (Cabling is housed within the central mast)
    • Wind walls with different heights
    • Mounting brackets for booms, stage lights etc. (canopy masts can be used for event rigging with integrated cable channeling)
    • Mobile ground flooring with wind walls that withstand any expected gust speeds or light-weight Tensabarrier system.
    • Speakers
  • Fabrics & Colors

    MDT-TEX 260

    100% polyester dual-sided acrylic coating). Mass ca. 260 g/m², water column pressure over 700 mm, flame retardant up to B1 - DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 - Flat and Folded.

    MDT-TEX 470 PTFE

    Mass ca. 470 g/m², water column pressure up to 500 mm.

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