Professional parasols with radiant heaters

Radiant heaters for parasols are not only ideal for special events in winter, but can also help make the outdoor experience much more pleasant for guests of your restaurant and café in any other season. And heated parasols also make all the difference in extending the outdoor season. After all, if you want to use your parasols year-round, or at least as part of your outdoor amenities in the fall and winter, you need to keep more than just rain and sun protection in mind.


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Professional parasols for autumn and winter

In the cooler seasons of the year, and even in the late evening hours of summer, the cold outdoors can quickly ruin the cozy ambiance of a rooftop patio, beer garden or outdoor restaurant area. However, additional separate radiant heaters or other portable heaters would further restrict walkways and quickly create a cluttered, cluttered look.

Those who have already equipped their outdoor areas with high-quality MDT-tex sunshades can have the matching radiant heaters for sunshades installed right away and thus make perfect use of the available space. In addition, the heat source is thereby fixed with a comfortable safety distance to the top, so that visitors do not have to worry about accidentally reaching the heaters.

Therefore, our sunshades with heaters are suitable for catering and, in addition to providing weather protection from the sun and rain from above, they also provide a cozy, warming ambiance. Combined with atmospheric lighting, the catering parasols thus become absolute eye-catchers and result in a friendly, inviting and literally warm overall picture.

Parasols with infrared heating

An extremely energy-saving and efficient solution are sunshades with infrared heating. These have the great advantage that not simply the entire ambient air is heated, but a targeted heat source is created. This reduces the energy costs for the heating elements and at the same time also creates a more sustainable solution without guests having to do without pleasant warmth.

Heated sunshades for the hotel industry

Not only on the restaurant terrace, but also in the hotel industry, it makes sense to equip the outdoor area with high-quality parasols, if possible, in any season and in almost any weather. Also, it is a nice change especially for the guests with longer stay, if not only the offers inside the buildings, but also the outside facilities of the hotel remain conveniently usable in the evening hours and from autumn to spring.

Professional parasols for fall and winter create an atmospheric ambiance even in dreary weather and ensure that events, lectures or simple hospitality can take place in the outdoor areas while guests are equally warmed and protected from the sun and precipitation.

Which parasols can be equipped with heaters

You can find heated parasols for the hotel industry mainly among the classic telescopic parasols. These gastronomy parasols are characterized by their particularly high stability and simple operation and are available in various designs.

An example of gastronomy parasols with heating is our telescopic parasol type T, which is available in square, rectangular and round shapes as well as in different sizes up to 6 m in diameter. In addition, larger special models with a size of 10 to 16 m can also be implemented.

Such a parasol model, with its clean, stable design, can be ideally equipped with radiant heaters to enhance the outdoor area. If the gastro parasols with heating are used in more exposed locations, other telescopic parasol models from our range are recommended.

Our telescopic parasol type TS, for example, has no difficulties even with wind forces up to 80 km/h due to its reinforced mast. Even more robust is the type TK with its increased number of keder rail struts, which together with a suitable ground anchoring arm the umbrella against gusts of wind up to 100 km / h.

These telescopic parasol models are ideally suited for the installation of radiant heaters and, thanks to their robust, weatherproof design, can also be used permanently in places where the weather occasionally shows its more uncomfortable side.

Conclusion: commercial parasols with heaters

To make the most of the terraces and outdoor areas of restaurants, hotels, cafes and other commercial spaces throughout the year, parasols with heating are the perfect solution. And even in the cool evening hours of summer, your guests will feel comfortable outside for longer if the temperatures don't get uncomfortable so quickly.

And last but not least, many of our professional parasols can also be additionally equipped with LED lighting elements and/or speakers, supplemented with solar panels and water drainage systems, depending on the model, and of course implemented in a wide variety of colors and designs. For this purpose, we have developed our own durable and high-quality membrane technologies, which combine reliable performance with high color fastness and UV resistance and thus permanently set the stage for your outdoor area as an eye-catching figurehead.

We will be happy to advise you individually on which umbrella types, in which sizes and with which equipment are best suited for your facilities and how the weather and cold protection can also be perfectly adapted to your needs in terms of design. Due to our manufacturing in our own production facilities at various international locations, we can react promptly and flexibly to your wishes and have all design and production steps in one hand. With our more than 30 years of experience and expertise, we are at your side from the initial design to the final on-site installation and work with you to develop the optimal screen equipment.