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Type E XXL - Tulip Form

A unique large umbrella inspired by nature



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This large tulip umbrella offers a unique design that was inspired by nature. Umbrella membranes resemble flowers pointing upwards, and their curves form funnel-shaped surfaces. The screen struts are located above the membrane and are not visible from below.

The tulip umbrella's special feature is not only its appearance, but also its functionality. Due to the upward-facing flower shape, rainwater can be collected and drained into the ground through the double pole system or collected in a cistern. Moreover, the parasol can be additionally equipped with smart systems, such as a water filtration system.

The tulip parasols can be customized with effects such as lighting with LED lamps or imprints on the membrane, creating an extraordinary ambiance for any location. The E XXL type parasol comes in square sizes of 8x8m, 9x9m, and 10x10m, as well as round sizes with a diameter of 8m, 9m, 10m, and 12m. Type E can be opened or closed with a removable hand crank or electrically with an integrated motor.

This unique design creates a special ambiance and is the perfect alternative to the classic parasol. With its wide range of span widths, the tulip umbrella is frequently used in public spaces, for example as a market parking lot or a roof for an open-air cinema.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy opening and closing with a removable crank handle 
  • All materials used are water and corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity and durability
  • Replaceable parts attached with screws for easy maintenance 
  • A telescopic pole allows the umbrella to open or close above table height
  • Maintenance-free gearbox 
  • Easy installation with the foldable adapter 
  • Optional lighting, speakers, and heaters are available for maximum convenience 


  • Cover: The cover is made up of individual segments that are fade, light and water-resistant, with Sterling Steel hooks at the top and rust-proof screws at the ends of the spokes. The cover can be replaced and is designed to withstand any weather conditions. 
  • Adapter: The inner diameter of the adapter is 200-400 mm, and the central mast is erected with a hydraulic mechanism. 
  • Anchor: The Tulip umbrella is anchored in a foundation with ground sleeves that have integrated water pipes. Printing: The umbrella can be digitally printed, screen printed, or dispersion dye printed. 
  • Mast: The spokes are made out of square aluminium bars (at least 50x20x3 mm), and the centre pole has a wounded aluminium profile of 200-400 mm in diameter. The frame is powder-coated (polyester powder ca. 80 μ) and available in white RAL 9010 as standard, with other colours also possible. 
  • Mechanics: The Tulip umbrella has an inner-lying gearbox with an electronic motor and a maintenance-free gearbox. 
  • Accessories
    • Various lighting options 
    • Transport case 
    • Protective sleeve with telescopic pole 
    • Event Platform and MDT Flex-Bar
    • Wind walls with different heights
    • Electric motor for opening the umbrella (can also be used for the wind walls) 
    • Cabling housed within the central mast.
  • Fabrics & Colours
    • MDT-TEX 680, PVC material for optimal weather protection. Mass ca. 680 g/m²- DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 - Flat and Folded. 
    • MDT-TEX 470, PTFE Mass ca. 470 g/m², water column pressure up to 500 mm


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