The right features for every parasol

In order to provide full terrace solutions for our clients, we have started to come up with terrace accessories such as wooden seat cubes, to maximise the use of terrace spaces in line with our high-quality parasols. Together with our outdoor furniture line, the seat cube can be used as a simple lounger or as a bench at an outdoor table. The seating elements of the wooden cube, provides the user many possibilities in designing his or her outdoor terrace. Our clients like the way, our seat cube invites for casual drink or intensive discussion on the sun terrace.

Seating cube - Eucalyptus

The brand new Seat Cube - for more comfort on every parasol.

Arrow Bench - Eucalyptus

The brand new Seat Cube - for more comfort on every parasol.

Terrace modules

Discover our terrace systems - the perfect solution for bright urban areas

Concrete Bench - Curved line

Discover our terrace systems - the perfect solution for bright urban areas

Innovative Urban Furniture Concepts by MDT-tex

Seamless Integration of Shading and Furniture Design

Since 1990, MDT-tex has been revolutionizing outdoor spaces with its cutting-edge urban furniture concepts. Specializing in enhancing city squares, hotel terraces, private properties, and event spaces, MDT-tex offers bespoke, wind-resistant sunshade solutions that transform these areas into welcoming, protected environments. Our expertise in integrating outdoor furniture with overall design aesthetics has set us apart in the industry.

Our journey into the realm of shading concepts, coupled with our commitment to sustainable materials such as eucalyptus wood - a staple in our umbrella poles - led us to expand our offerings to include urban furniture. 

MDT-tex elevates outdoor design to new levels with our proprietary city furniture. Whether it's for events, urban space planning, or refurbishing restaurants and hotels, we create cohesive furniture and umbrella solutions that harmoniously blend functionality and ambiance. This synergy ensures an inviting outdoor space that extends the architectural style seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.

Our comprehensive approach means clients need only one point of contact for both sunshade solutions and sustainable outdoor furniture, ensuring a unified and efficient design process. With our global presence, we provide prompt, local support from initial planning to on-site installation.

Sustainable and Stylish Urban Furniture Materials

In today's urban design, furniture must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and durable. MDT-tex utilizes ecological, rapidly renewable resources like eucalyptus wood, known for its robustness in our wooden umbrellas. This material provides a warm, inviting contrast to the urban landscape, often dominated by concrete, stone, and metal.

Our urban and terrace furniture is further enhanced with natural components such as coconut rope, sisal, or flax, intricately woven to form comfortable and stylish seating and backrests.

Functional, Chic, and Practical Furniture for Urban Spaces

MDT-tex understands that the best urban furniture must be both beautiful and functional. Our collaboration with Kasper Borchers has led to the development of easily stackable outdoor furniture, an essential feature for hospitality venues needing space-efficient storage solutions. This design consideration is vital for easy transport and storage, especially for seasonal or event-specific uses.

Diverse Range of Urban Furniture by MDT-tex

Our collection includes a variety of seating options like lounge chairs, benches, side tables, and classic dining chairs, all in natural colors to create a Mediterranean, friendly atmosphere. These pieces are ideal for various settings, from summer events and outdoor weddings to cozy home gardens.

Additionally, for landscapes with uneven terrains, we offer modular wooden floors that create a stable, natural surface, complementing our furniture and sunshade solutions. These floors are easily adaptable for city environments and can include safety features like railings.

MDT-tex's expertise extends to specialized furniture for sunshades, like our Seating Cube, a perfect blend of design and function. This eucalyptus wood cube doubles as a stable base for sunshades and provides comfortable seating, with an option for LED lighting to enhance outdoor architecture.

Your Partner in Urban, Market, and Hospitality Concepts

At MDT-tex, we combine design expertise with in-house production capabilities to offer comprehensive outdoor architecture solutions. Our approach ensures timely coordination and delivery of high-quality, visually cohesive weather protection and space optimization solutions for marketplaces, city squares, or outdoor terraces.