Rigid sun protection from MDT-tex: Uncompromising quality from the experts

With its Shade Structures range MDT-tex has created a permanently installed, rigid sun shade excellently suited to year-round use. With their unusual design, stable umbrellas and shading systems create special highlights and they are suited to outdoor use under all weather conditions, for example for outdoor catering areas. What this means for you: No more need to take in umbrellas in bad weather – and your guests can enjoy the advantages of your patio even in the winter cold, snow, and rain.

Type SHP - Pagode

maximum robustness combined with attractive design all year round

Type SHT - Tulip Form

the unusual umbrella shape creates a special atmosphere

Type EI - Eliptic Form

the unusual umbrella shape creates a special atmosphere

Type SHW - Timber Structure

Unveil the Elegance - Wooden Shade Structure by MDT-tex: Merging Nature's Grace with Architectural Genius.

A stable umbrella you can depend on all year round

With a new material-processing technology MDT-tex has created an entirely novel and highly modern product design for its fixed umbrella designs, Models SHP and SHT. The unique adhesive bonding technology used for Pagoda and Tulip models permanently secures the PVC cover and lends very high durability. Although the rigid umbrellas are primarily recommended for year-round use, you naturally have the option of taking them down. The rigid umbrellas cannot be closed, however.

Your umbrella from the experts: Robust, decorative and usable year round

Durability and stability are characteristics which are required most of all in commercial applications. We believe, however, that this should go without saying for all our professional umbrellas. Choose either the tulip-shaped Model SHT or the pagoda-shaped Model SHP: Both textile covers are extremely durable and are made of bonded PVC membranes available in a range of colors. As with our standard umbrella series, Shade Structure umbrellas are colorfast as well as light-, water-, and weather-resistant.

Rigid sun protection à la MDT-tex

In order to meet the high requirements of the catering and hotel industries, the rigid sun umbrella was developed to dispense with the need for further time-consuming operation after installation. These robust designs are impressive shade-makers, equipped to withstand any and all extreme weather conditions. You’ve been thinking about a rigid sun shade for your hotel or restaurant patio for quite a while but still aren’t sure which type would be right for you? Then don’t hesitate to contact our MDT-tex umbrella professionals at any time.