High quality wooden furniture from MDT - The perfect complement for your sun protection

We are constantly developing our product portfolio in order to be able to offer you ever newer and more convenient solutions. Now we can also offer you the right seating and floor constructions for your project. This gives you a 360° solution for your outdoor area - everything from a single source.

Functional furniture, street furniture and ready outdoor concepts

High quality and sustainable urban furniture

Since our founding in 1990, we have completed projects worldwide on city squares, hotel terraces, private properties and event grounds, creating a sheltered and inviting ambience with our high-quality, wind-resistant parasol solutions. Working closely with architects and designers, as well as our customers, we have always integrated outdoor furniture into the overall picture.

With so much experience in shading concepts and by working hands-on with sustainable materials such as eucalyptus wood, which we usually use for our umbrella poles, we finally included outdoor furniture in our range. Together with Copenhagen-based furniture designer Kasper Borchers, we designed elegant, practical and sustainable outdoor furniture that fits seamlessly and our shade concepts.

Shading and furniture concepts from a single source

By developing our own street furniture, we have taken our outdoor design capabilities to a whole new level. Especially for events, when planning urban meeting spaces or when redesigning your restaurant or hotel, we can create a harmonious furniture concept together with matching shade solutions that perfectly complement each other in function and ambiance.

This optimal interaction ensures, on the one hand, that the outdoor area is perceived as an inviting, and coordinated overall image and, on the other hand, can continue the architectural line of their properties without disturbing interruption from the inside to the outside.

So you don't need different contact persons for your sunshade solution and for sustainable outdoor furniture and terrace furniture, who have to coordinate continuously, but get a well-rounded concept from one source. With our numerous international headquarters and production sites, we can also respond promptly to requests and queries and support you on site from initial planning to on-site assembly.

Urban furniture made from sustainable raw materials

Timeless, elegant furniture for cities must not only convince in design, but also with sustainable, durable and long-lasting materials. Concrete furniture or the stadtmöbel bench made of stone therefore often characterizes the image, although other natural materials also serve this purpose perfectly.

We have been working with ecological, rapidly renewable raw materials such as eucalyptus wood for years, for example, to equip our beautiful wooden umbrellas with a stable pole. So we also like to use this raw material for our street furniture, especially since it stands out as a warm, inviting contrast next to concrete furniture or the many urban surfaces with stones and metals.

In addition, we like to equip our furniture for cities, terraces or event locations with other natural components such as coconut rope, sisal or flax, which form the seating surfaces and backrests in an artfully interwoven form.

Sustainable, chic and practical functional furniture

The most beautiful functional furniture, terrace furniture or urban furniture, however, are of little use if they do not fulfill their practical purpose or prove to be unnecessarily complicated to handle. So, together with designer Kasper Borchers, we have designed our outdoor furniture so that it can be easily stacked to save space.

This small but important detail is an indispensable plus for many outdoor catering areas, for example, as the outdoor furniture can be stored away and secured to save space at the end of the season or at the end of the working day. Easy transport and compact storage are also essential for cleaning outdoor areas or for events where the outdoor furniture is only used temporarily.

Our versatile urban furniture

Our range includes, among other things, various seating options such as lounge chairs, benches, side tables or classic dining table chairs. The natural colors of the frames and coverings convey a Mediterranean, friendly ambience and are therefore suitable for the summer event as well as for the outdoor wedding or cozy stays in the home garden.

In addition, we also offer a solution for cases when, for example, the surrounding landscaping does not offer a leveled concrete floor, but uneven meadow surfaces. Our modular wooden floors can be combined and extended in many ways and can be leveled with stilt bearings in case of unevenness to form a straight surface.

So you can create a stable, natural wooden surface as a base for outdoor celebrations or as a visual enhancement in urban environments and create a perfectly coordinated ambience with our outdoor furniture and parasols if required. For use in urban areas, safety features such as railings can also be incorporated to delineate the walkable area from roadways or sidewalks.

And last but not least, since we are still experts in manufacturing professional parasols for restaurants, businesses or public facilities, we have also designed special furniture for parasols.

Seating Cube - design and function perfectly combined

With the Seating Cube, we have created a seating solution especially for parasols that exceeds all expectations not only visually but also functionally. Made of eucalyptus wood, the Cube's weight and stable, wide support surface serve as an additional anchor for the parasol, which it encloses with a perfect fit.

The parasol pole - often made of lightweight aluminum in our range, which provides another exciting contrast - is placed in the center of the Seating Cube, so that numerous people can be seated all around it. Its discreetly rounded side edges, together with the natural raw material, give it an organic, lively and warm look that harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings.

Naturally, it also offers a comfortable seating area and can be upgraded to an absolute highlight of outdoor architecture with optional LED lighting.

Your partner for urban, market and gastronomy concepts

We are at your side with our experience, our design and architectural experts, and our own production and storage facilities for the realization of your outdoor architecture, offering you competent service from a single source, from planning to the finished stadtmöbel bank.

This means that you have an expert at your side for the design of both company and private outdoor areas, and we can coordinate all details promptly thanks to in-house production. The end result is high-quality weather protection solutions for marketplaces, town squares or outdoor terraces that not only look visually uniform, but also make optimal use of the space.