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The Wooden Solar Carport by MDT-tex is an innovative structure crafted from glulam wood, equipped with high-efficiency solar panels. This design offers a sustainable energy solution for charging electric vehicles while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic, suitable for a range of environments.



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The Wooden Solar Carport, masterfully crafted from glulam wood, is lauded for its strength and sustainability. This robust material ensures the carport's structural integrity and eco-friendliness, offering a secure and environmentally responsible charging solution for electric vehicles. Designed to endure, it provides a reliable and ecologically sound shelter, aligning with green building principles.


The canopy of the Wooden Solar Carport is outfitted with high-efficiency solar cells, meticulously engineered to capture and convert solar energy with great effectiveness. This feature is integral to providing a consistent, renewable source of power specifically for the charging of electric vehicles. The use of such advanced solar technology emphasizes the carport's role in promoting green energy solutions, while ensuring that your vehicle is powered in an eco-friendly manner.


The carport blends functionality with a refined aesthetic, featuring an elegant wooden structure that provides a contemporary update to the classic carport design. This sophisticated approach to carport construction not only ensures practicality but also enhances the visual appeal of the space it occupies, making it a statement piece that complements modern homes and businesses.


The Wooden Solar Carport's design integrates a convenient charging station for electric vehicles, positioning it as a forward-thinking addition for environmentally aware individuals and businesses. This feature ensures the seamless fusion of sustainable energy consumption with the practical demands of modern electric vehicle ownership.


The Wooden Solar Carport is emblematic of MDT-tex's commitment to sustainable development, ingeniously combining the utilization of renewable solar energy with a design of refined elegance. This harmonious blend underscores the company's dedication to pioneering eco-friendly solutions that do not compromise on style or functionality.


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