Membrane & Structures: Our shading system for events and public spaces

Are you ready for big changes shading system design? MDT-tex Membrane & Structures are proof of the flexibility of textile fabrics and innovative high-tech lightweight construction. Our tensilation and tent represent innovative textile outdoor architecture for temporary outdoor shading or permanent outdoor installation for large events and public spaces. Thanks to their patented construction system combining optimized mechanics with elegant structure, MDT-tex shading systems offer the ideal sun protection solution for nearly every event situation. See the multi-functional applicability of our tent and tensilation systems for yourself and discover new open spaces!

Type EV - Tensilation

An innovative, lightweight, modular canopy system


a bold example of textile architecture which provides a cozy, sheltered atmosphere

Ultralight outdoor shading systems: tensilation

You need an elegant shading concept for your outdoor event? Or you would like to canopy your company’s open area with a striking permanent outdoor installation? Tensilation makes the out of doors more beautiful than ever! The shading system developed in cooperation with the architects from Grimshaw is a ingenious modular system for design-oriented and efficient shading of outdoor events, footpaths, or pop-up stations. Whether they are square or diamond-shaped, linear or freely designed, the individual umbrella-like tensilation elements are easy to install, offer endless combination possibilities, and, in concert with the appropriate flooring system and the surrounding infrastructure, they create large open areas and expressive structures. This special Type EV shading system features flexibility thanks to canopy modules which are easy to combine and easy to fold; lightness thanks to specially a designed aluminum structure; static stability thanks to central support columns, galvanized steel wires, and connection of the modules; high robustness and longevity thanks to the highest quality materials and interchangeable parts; gapless arrangement thanks to special connection elements made of PVDF-coated polyester and polycarbonate; and even in the rain it provides optimum weather protection as water is drained through the central support columns. With its unique shape and quick installation the tensilation shading system combines elegant design with practical efficiency.

Our tents – perfect outdoor shading for large-scale events

Building on our existing expertise in the field of membrane structures and outdoor architecture, we have expanded the MDT-tex outdoor shading product range to include not only umbrellas, umbrella bars and tensilation but custom-made tents and tent structures as well. This integrated sun and rain protection concept provides space, comfort, and weather protection for over 1,000 guests. Despite the enormous size and elaborate design of our tent, we guarantee, in collaboration with numerous experts, its smooth logistics, professional static stability, and the highest degree of safety. With its impressive appearance and open shape it is the perfect space for relaxing, communicating, and celebrating. And so this special shading system lends a special, open atmosphere to special evenings.

Your partner for large-scale and outdoor events

With our comprehensive range of services, umbrellas, flooring and accessories such as heating and lighting, we are the perfect partner for shading and furnishing your first-class events. We are a single source providing a variety of products, expertise, and competence and we guarantee unforgettable outdoor experiences thanks to our high-quality membrane designs and shading systems for outdoor areas of all kinds.