Textile Architecture is much more than manufacturing high-quality weather protection systems and umbrellas. It is about connecting technical know-how with aesthetic understanding. It is the investigation of innovative materials and developing technical and creative unique proposals. Those are challenges which MDT has been facing for more than 20 years as an implementer of visionary architecture and landscaping projects.

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Freely configurable

Our wide standard variety can be various individualized. Lighting, sound, projection, heating, textile printing, wind protection and many more implementations can be combined with our membranes. With pleasure we would like to present the different possibilities of textile design to you, so your completion is not standard!

Fully integrated

Textile Buildings are noticed as part of the architecture. It is often the case that a textile element, like a canopy or awning is the first contact a pedestrian has to a building. The more important it is to integrate the development of textile design within the origination process. By this functioning classical as well as textile architecture inspire themselves from the beginning. Moreover we are able to design more efficient with regard to the technical level – for example a better rain protection combined with optimized drainage.

Our textile developing department is in constant communication with structural engineers in order to gain the maximum creative freedom by every single material.. We have our own design-unit which is developing textile structures and can orientate on the existing forms of architecture.

Textile Facades

Especially in warm countries shading is one of the central architectural topics. Textile facades and sun protection systems can largely improve the energy balance of the households. Aesthetic opportunities are just being discovered. This might be applied to refurbishment of historical buildings but also for modern architecture.

Textile design, organic styling and many other expressions offer the potential to textile facades to create our living spaces more emotional, to inspire people and to establish a piece of culture.


A glimpse in our membrane development

Textile competence & coating

Architecture is the dress of the city. By adding textile architecture it gains new expressiveness. From arrangement of the folds to tensioned surface – from the lightness of translucent textiles to the countless variety of formative structures. Textile Architecture opens the door to a dynamic interaction between space and open space.

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Everlasting material

MDT-PTFE fabric, specially developed by MDT, possesses a long lifespan and absolute UV-resistance. The TEFLON coating, has a “self-cleaning effect”, which prevents the fabric from aging and pollution. This innovative material is waterproof, stress resistant, color-fast, tear-resistant and weather resistant. Due toits high functionality and durability, MDT-PTFE is especially suited for public places, mechanical opening structures and special constructions for permanent shade and rain protection. Additionally it can be used for sails, large-scale constructions, projection surfaces or luminous ceilings.