Solar powered canopies for the outdoor work space

The solar powered parasol is available in various dimension and can be used in many environments due to the great amount of accessories designed for it. It can be installed with a USB Port and a working desk for outdoor spaces to work in. Furthermore, the solar umbrella harvests enough energy to serve as a E-Bike charging station as well. By adding urban furniture like seating cubes, terrace elements from MDT-tex's outdoor furniture line, the solar umbrella is a real value additive factor for people living in inner cities and seeking for a place in the shadow to relax.

Type EC - Solar umbrella

Solar umbrellas for urban furniture equipment

The autarch powered solar umbrella from MDT-tex, is an optimal solution for city centres looking for an urban shading solution. The solar claddings, which are attached to the spokes, secure the structure against vandalism when the umbrella is closed. At the same time an integrated battery stores sufficient energy to recharge your mobile devices.

Outdoor concepts for cities from MDT-tex

Modern cities have to deal with increasing temperatures in their cities, new forms of mobility and decreasing contact with nature. With our outdoor products such as the solar umbrella we seek to discover new possibilities for urban spaces. Let it be an urban canopy with integrated atmosphere lights installed at a promenade or full landscaping concepts including relaxation areas built from our module construction kits, which include: Urban membrane canopies, modular eucalyptus terraces, planters, green walls, city benches and acoustic walls.

XXL Solar Canopies for energy harvesting and a cool down effect

Many growing cities today are located in areas with harsh temperature conditions. In areas like the middle east a XXL tulip umbrella may initiate outdoor life, in squares which are otherwise not accessible. The energy harvested during the day can be stored and used by night for illumination effects. The potential cool down effect of such a solar umbrella could lay in between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius for the space covered. For our XXL parasols we use our PTFE woven fabric to ensure hundred of thousands folding cycles.