Commercial umbrellas

Professional umbrellas for the hospitality sector

The high quality of our commercial parasols has won over hotels, restaurants, department stores and other commercial businesses around the world. Since 1990, we have been manufacturing high-quality sunshades for hotels and restaurants in our own production plants using our own membrane textiles, which withstand wind and weather, are easy to operate and can be perfectly integrated into the corporate design of the businesses in terms of colour.

For your Pro parasols, we are available to you as contact partners at our international locations and support you from the development of the initial ideas to the installation of the parasols at your location. This means you get everything from a single source and can count on us as your single point of contact in the event of change requests or queries.

Representative and high-quality professional sunshades

The outdoor area of your catering or hotel facility should ideally be perceived as a harmonious part of the overall architecture. For this purpose, we offer professional parasols with various shapes, designs and in different sizes, such as:

  • Commercial umbrellas 3x3m
  • Commercial umbrellas 4x4
  • Giant umbrellas 5x5m


The shape of the canopy can be chosen classically round or rectangular and, depending on the space available, can also be realised as a cantilever parasol with a side pole. If desired, our professional parasols create a continuous, shaded area without restricting the walkways or taking up too much space from the outdoor furniture.

The colour of the parasol can also be chosen.

Also in terms of colour, our parasols for the hospitality industry can be ideally integrated into the interior and exterior architecture of your facility. After all, we have developed the membranes for our coverings ourselves in order to always be able to offer the optimum, long-lasting solution for the various requirements in terms of weight, tear resistance, water column or colour design.

Many of our parasols for the hospitality industry can be integrated ideally into the interior and exterior design of your facility.

Many of our Commercial parasols can therefore be completely coloured, provided with an individual print or implemented in plain white. The poles of the parasols are usually made of light but robust aluminium or stylish eucalyptus wood.

This is how our parasols manage to create a unique atmosphere.

This is how our commercial sunshades manage to create a separate, protected space on outdoor terraces and open spaces, which at the same time retains its open feel-good ambience.

Easy handling and reliable protection

In addition to the visual requirements, our sunshades for hotels and gastronomy must also fulfil other, pragmatic criteria. In order not to slow down work processes and to be able to be operated by every member of staff, easy assembly and disassembly is essential, which we achieve with sophisticated mechanical systems or motorised locking mechanisms.

Depending on the terrain, it is also important to be able to quickly and easily dismantle the sun protection system for hotels and restaurants for events or out of season. For this purpose, we can equip our Pro sunshades with different ground anchors that either remain permanently anchored or flexibly usable. In addition, our catering parasols can also be equipped with special features. Some parasol models, such as our tulip parasol, for example, lend themselves to having an integrated rain drain installed inside the pole. Creative LED lighting, heating elements or even the installation of solar charging stations are also possible.

This way, you can add real value to your outdoor space for your visitors and create a cosy, inviting outdoor lounge that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Numerous international examples show how our sun protection system for the hotel and catering industry can look in practice.

Professional parasols from MDT-tex in use around the world

Our MDT-tex sunshades are at home all over the world and show how diverse our customised shading concepts can be. A tulip parasol is always particularly impressive, which we can also implement in large versions for gastronomy parasols 5x5m. A row of our tulip parasols can be seen at the I-Dock restaurant in Amsterdam, which, with their integrated lighting, form a visual and functional highlight of the outdoor terrace at the marina.

Professional umbrellas 4x4 can be realised well as a classic telescopic parasol, for example. A prime example of this is our heated T-parasols, as set up in the popular restaurant "The Laundry" in Brixton near London. With simple colours and a print of the restaurant, the two parasols blend in perfectly with the surroundings and protect a large area of 50 m² from UV radiation, but also from the ubiquitous English rain showers

For Commercial umbrellas 3x3m, on the other hand, we like to use our classic parasol type S16, which catches the eye with its classic umbrella design and provides cool shade for the paradisiacal outdoor areas at the Sugar Beach Resort in Mauritius, for example. Corrosion-resistant powder coatings ensure that even more uncomfortable weather conditions cannot harm the high-quality umbrella pole.

Our storm-proof parasols are also particularly robust, for example at City Beach in Australia. The outdoor terrace of the Odyssea restaurant was equipped by MDT-tex with eight telescopic parasols that cover an area of 220 m² and withstand even strong coastal winds of up to 80 km/h with their robust construction. Integrated LED lighting ensures that the umbrellas do not stand around unused even after sunset, but continue to contribute to the inviting ambience.

Other examples of our professional catering umbrellas in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours can be found in catering and hotel establishments such as:

  • Artemis, Singapore
  • Four Season Resort, Seychelles
  • SANSIBAR by Breuninger, Stuttgart
  • Barbies Restaurant, Blainville, Canada
  • Canton 27, Copenhagen
  • Furniture exhibition at Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan
  • Conrad Hotel, Dublin
  • ... and in many more places

The many examples show that MDT-tex umbrellas are suitable for temporary events as well as for permanent, exposed outdoor use. With our locations and production plants in Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, USA, Australia and Latvia, we can realise your projects promptly in almost any place in the world, accompanying you from the first design to the finished umbrella on site.

Our wide selection of high-quality materials, different types of umbrellas and practical additional options such as lighting, heating or solar utilisation offers a tailor-made solution for every outdoor gastronomic facility.