Premium Sun Protection with German-made Aluminum Umbrellas

Discover the superior quality of aluminum umbrellas made in Germany by MDT-tex. Our range includes versatile shapes such as square, rectangular, or round, ensuring efficient and aesthetic protection from sun and rain. These umbrellas are ideal for both mobile use at events and permanent installations.

Innovative Design and Durability in Metal Umbrellas

Our patented MDT-tex telescopic all-aluminum umbrellas have been developed for the smallest to the largest areas and are designed to resist high winds. The safety and reliability they provide make them the most popular type of umbrella for catering and industrial applications. Our commercial umbrella range extends from small parasols to large wind-resistant aluminum umbrellas.

Type S16 - Tension Umbrella

Premium umbrella with a focus on design – optimally combining appearance and functionality

Type T - Telescope Umbrella

One of the most popular umbrella types in the MDT-tex collection for catering and industry

Type TS - Stormproof

Wind resitant commercial umbrella thanks to additional reinforcement

Type TK - wind resistant with keder rail

Storm safe commercial umbrella thanks to additional reinforcement

Customizable and Easy-To-Handle Aluminum Umbrellas from MDT-tex

Each aluminum telescope umbrella, including the Type S16, Type T, and the storm-resistant Type TS and TK, is designed for maximum stability with minimal weight. We use only the highest-quality materials with features like solid bases, non-rusting metal couplings, and replaceable parts to ensure longevity and reliability. Our umbrellas feature different opening mechanisms, including self-locking aluminum lobe knobs and crank handles for easy operation, ensuring that shade is available exactly where needed. These umbrellas can also be fitted with lighting, cooling, or heating elements, thanks to the twin-wall profiles in the mast that accommodate wiring.

The Ideal Aluminum Umbrella for Challenging Weather Conditions

For areas facing extreme weather, our special versions of Type TS aluminum telescopic umbrellas are reinforced with stainless steel at critical points to withstand winds up to 130 km/h. These umbrellas offer optimal protection in various environments, including mountainous regions, coastal areas, and skyscraper rooftops. Our specialized industrial production allows for almost any customization within the series, and we can fabricate a prototype in our production facilities.

Create You Perfect Aluminum Umbrella

If you're looking for an aluminum umbrella for your restaurant's outdoor area or to provide shade at your event space, we're here to help. Contact us for personalized advice and to develop a tailored concept that meets your specific needs.