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Arrow Bench - Eucalyptus

The Seat Cube is a stylish and practical cube furniture piece that can be used to create a seating area in the shade. Made from robust eucalyptus wood, it is a great addition to any outdoor space.



Product information

The Arrow Benches, crafted with precision and an eye for urban aesthetics, are a stellar addition to city parks and streetscapes. These benches feature a unique blend of sustainably sourced Eucalyptus wood and lacquered steel, offering both durability and a modern look. Equipped with a sliding mechanism, they provide adaptable seating arrangements. The integrated lighting not only ensures safety but also adds a charming ambiance.


  • Innovative sliding mechanism for flexible seating configurations.
  • Robust construction with Eucalyptus wood and lacquered steel.
  • Integrated lighting enhances safety and ambiance.
  • Ideal for urban parks and cityscapes.


  • Sustainably sourced Eucalyptus wood.
  • Durable lacquered steel frame.


  • Sliding mechanism for adaptable seating.
  • Integrated lighting system.


  • Modern and versatile design suitable for urban environments.
  • Perfect blend of natural and industrial materials.

Enhance your public spaces with the functional elegance of our Arrow Benches, a testament to MDT-tex's commitment to quality and innovative urban furniture solutions.


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