Smart Solar Solutions from MDT-tex

Textile architecture combined with solar technology at the highest level - for efficient energy generation and multifunctional use.

Smart Shelters for mobility and urban design

MDT-tex, known for innovative textile architecture, has developed its multi-award winning tulip shape further into a sustainable solar energy harvesting solution for urban purposes.

The innovative construction with a central mast, serves as a generous shade provider, withstand high wind loads due to its robust construction and forms a durable membrane.

At the same time, solar panels ensure maximum decentralized energy generation. The energy can be used for direct charging by consumers or stored in a battery for later use.

Smart Solar Umbrella from MDT-tex

Charges your batteries and those of your mobile devices.

Solar Carport Shelter from MDT-tex

Brings new opportunities for EV charging and redesigns outdoor spaces.

Features and Advantages

Designing habitat with efficient energy generation

Energy Harvesting

Three solar shelters have the ability to generate enough energy for one household. Local grids will enhance the resilience of cities and the continuous supply of their consumers.

EV Charging

Level-2 chargers have a capacity between 7,5kWh and 22kWh. Three Solar Car Ports can achieve an installed capacity up to 25kWh, wherefore the chargers can run on a high autonomous level during the day. The visibility of the structure communicates the Charger accessibility.

Water Harvesting

Water has become a limited resource in many places of the world and the direct access is shrinking in cities. Our mission is to safe water in places where its used for greener cities.


If applied to a bus station or a charging point. Lighting options are able to tell a products story. The bus arrives when the luminosity rises, and a charger is available when the light is on. An argument for illumination, may also be found in vast security advantages by night.

Urban Architecture

With our developments in the field of energy harvesting canopies, MDT-tex wants to provide a sustainable shading solution for urban areas. Our broad portfolio of products can be used not only for energy harvesting but simply for realizing your open air theater, cinema or event. We believe that outdoor living increases the quality of life.