Protect your guests from sun & rain with our commercial parasols

Choose from a diverse selection of parasols that are statically tested and designed to fit visually into any environment. Our solutions are reliable and easy to use, providing maximum protection for your guests.

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Practical, Reliable & Stylish Parasols for your outdoor area & restaurant

Our parasols are designed to provide maximum protection from the sun and rain, fit perfectly into your business's aesthetic, and are easy to operate. These parasols come from our own production with strict testing standards applied.

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Special Commercial Parasol with Heating and Light

To extend the outdoor season of your catering business, we also offer practical add-ons such as optional lighting or heating elements. For example, with a beer garden parasol 4x4m you can reliably protect against rain and UV radiation in the summer, but also cover the cooler early and late season with the heating elements and lighting.

And last but not least, especially the lighting elements are an important component, because integrated in the gastro parasol they do not require any additional space to set up or hang and thus allow a cozy stay in the evening hours.

 Type S16 - Patio Commercial Parasol
Type S16 - Patio Commercial Parasol
Award-winning patio umbrella for resorts, private environments and restaurants.
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 Type T - Telescopic Commercial Parasol
Type T - Telescopic Commercial Parasol
A true classic among gastronomy parasols. Type T from MDT proven design for more than 30 years.
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 Type TK - Storm safe Commercial Parasol
Type TK - Storm safe Commercial Parasol
Stormproof elegant and multifunctional use.
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 Type SA - Cantilever Commercial Parasol
Type SA - Cantilever Commercial Parasol
A cantilever umbrella with aesthetic demands as well as static safety.
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MDT-tex, headquartered in Tägerwilen, Switzerland, is a leading innovator in the field of high-quality outdoor umbrellas, specializing in hospitality umbrellas and textile architecture. With nearly 30 years of experience in the international market, MDT-tex has established itself through a blend of technical expertise and aesthetic design. The company's hospitality umbrellas are more than just sunshades; they symbolize functionality and design. These umbrellas are technically advanced, offering reliable protection, and impress with their creative designs.

MDT-tex's umbrella bars are unique. They provide weather-protected spaces for events and can be used as exclusive event areas or separate smoking sections. Options for lighting and individual design create a distinctive atmosphere. The umbrellas come in various sizes, ranging from 4x4 m to a diameter of 16 m, and can be customized with extras like wind protection walls, door elements, and floor modules.

The construction of the hospitality umbrellas is robust, capable of withstanding strong winds, making them ideal for use in climatically challenging regions. MDT-tex also offers complete hospitality equipment, including furniture, cooking units, and sound systems, making the umbrella bars ready for immediate use.

In summary, MDT-tex combines functionality with design in its hospitality umbrellas, making them ideal for a variety of gastronomic concepts, whether in the mountains, on the beach, at markets, or exhibitions. The experts in textile architecture at MDT-tex are available from consultation to purchase, to find the right shading system for every gastronomic concept.


Large shade providers with easy handling

When large parasols are to provide shade for catering establishments, the work involved in setting up and taking down the sunshades must not be too cumbersome. After all, the work processes should not be delayed too much and, moreover, every employee should be able to set up and take down the sunshades without any problems. For this purpose, we have developed various mechanical and motorised closing mechanisms that bring even a large gastro parasol with an 8-metre diameter into shape quickly, easily and without a great deal of effort.

A typical gastro parasol with mechanical opening is equipped with a maintenance-free gear inside the pole and is operated by a hand crank. This can be easily removed to create a clean, straightforward image after assembly and the crank does not hang in the way.

Larger commercial parasols such as a 5x5 gastro parasol can be fitted with an electrically operated opening and closing mechanism on request, whereby the particularly large models with a side length of 7 metres and more are equipped with this anyway. In any case, a beer garden parasol or a commercial market parasol must score points for ease of use and not be an unnecessary burden on the daily work routine.

Parasols gastronomy: protection and design in different variations

Since every catering business offers individual outdoor facilities and space, we have also adapted our high-quality umbrella assortment accordingly.

Finally, the outdoor area with the gastronomy parasols is also a part of the corporate identity and is always an important signboard for the gastronomy business. With different color solutions, frames and individual print options, we can implement your company's own design and color scheme optimally.

Our offer includes among others:

  • Gastro parasol 3x3m
  • Gastro parasols 4x4 meters
  • Gastro parasols 5x5m
  • beer garden parasol 4x4m
  • and many different coverings, colors, shapes and frames.

Easy maintenance and long service life

A gastronomy cantilever umbrella or beer garden parasol is also only equipped for professional use if it has a long service life and a low-wear construction. After all, large parasols have to provide catering terraces and outdoor facilities with shade over a long period of time and, together with heating elements, can still be used even in winter.

To be able to withstand long-term use requires a technically sophisticated construction as well as high-quality materials. For this purpose, we use our specially developed MDT-tex membrane coverings in various thicknesses and designs, which are perfectly tailored to different purposes.

In addition, the heating elements can be used even in winter.

In addition, it can always happen that a cantilever umbrella for the catering trade or a market umbrella for the catering trade is damaged by extreme weather conditions or accidents. To avoid having to dismantle the entire umbrella system, you can find a wide range of spare parts and practical accessories such as protective covers in our online shop to quickly get your umbrella ready for use again. Even complete coverings can be replaced, so that we not only offer long-lasting but also sustainable sun protection solutions. And we have ensured the stable construction of our sunshades in close cooperation with architects and structural engineers.

Gastro parasol with tested statics

With our decades of experience, we have been able to perfect our products more and more and tailor them in this category for use in the catering sector. Our classic types T, TS, TK and SA have proven themselves for professional use. These umbrella types differ from each other in their construction and special properties:

  • The SA type is a classic catering umbrella with a side mast
  • The type T telescopic umbrella in a versatile design
  • The storm-proof type TS with reinforced mast and ground sleeve
  • The windproof and visually outstanding type TK with keder rails

For these umbrella types, both the size and shape of the covering and the anchoring in the ground can be flexibly selected and, in addition, many models offer the option of being upgraded with lighting and heating elements.

Working with designers, architects and structural engineers, we have developed both the smaller 3x3m Gastro parasol and large 5x5m Gastro parasols or models up to 8 metres in diameter for maximum stability without losing their light, elegant look.

Large parasols for optimal shade for your catering business

Whoever wants to provide outdoor catering areas with shade using a parasol can either work with several small parasol models such as a 3x3m gastro parasol to create individual "islands of shade" or use large models such as a 5x5m gastro parasol to achieve a continuous, wide-ranging shaded area.

Thanks to our numerous MDT-tex locations and our own production plants, we are able to supply especially the standard sizes with 3 metres to 7 metres side length quickly and at short notice. In addition, however, we can also develop larger shade systems. Our classic telescopic umbrella type T, for example, can be implemented with a span of up to 16 m.

Such large-area solutions as 5x5m parasols are particularly interesting if as few parasol poles as possible are to occupy the terrace or the courtyard, so that the walkways or common areas remain as free as possible. For this purpose, the cantilever umbrellas are also suitable, whose mast sits on the side, so that the shaded area remains freely accessible or can be equipped with furniture.

Individually designed restaurant umbrellas with personal expert advice

To ensure that your new parasol gastronomy or cantilever parasol gastronomy fits perfectly into the ambience, you can work with us to determine the perfect size, shape and choice of colour. Individual imprints with your company logo or other designs and colourings can also be implemented with our own membranes. Finally, parasols gastronomy 5x5m offer a large surface area that can serve not only as shade but also as advertising space.

To develop the ideal shade concepts for your business or to quickly and easily supply classic standard parasols, we are at your disposal at our international locations and production plants in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, the USA, Australia and Latvia.