Solar powered EV Charging Carports

The Solar Carport is an invention to serve electric vehicles for their charging process. As a Solar Canopy it does not only harvests renewable Energy but also gives shade and comfort to the cars allocated underneath the EV Charging Solar Carport. The design of the Solar Carport has been further developed from the classic tulip shape MDT-tex is known for. One Solar Carport can harvest enough renewable energy to charge two electric vehicles for an average consumption.

Symmetric Solar Carport

Asymmetric Solar Carport

Timber Solar Carport

Unveil the Elegance - Wooden Shade Structure by MDT-tex: Merging Nature's Grace with Architectural Genius.

Eye catching design combined with functional technology

With a dimension of 5,3 x 5,3m the Solar Carport can cover two standard parking lots, whether the mast is asymmetric assigned or symmetric. Just by adding a few to each other, a full functional Solar Canopy system is installed, which assists in the ecological charging of your EV fleet with renewable energy. Due to the fast set up and pre-engineered static prerequisites the,, Solar Carport ,, can be installed at Fast Charging or Level-2 Charging stations. LED’s which can be integrated may help to showcase the location of the charging station by night and to create a welcoming atmosphere underneath the Solar Canopies.

EV Charging concepts from MDT-tex

The shift from the combustion engine to and decarbonised world of electrical vehicles will bring many changes, especially in the field of mobility. To ensure a decarbonised mobility, EV chargers have to be served with renewable energy, such as the solar energy harvested by the MDT-tex Solar Carport. Another advantage of designing your own EV Charging concept with Solar Carports is the higher independence from the electrical grid. This is especially important as the huge wave of electrical vehicles arriving on our streets will challenge our current energy system.

EV Charging concepts combined with retail concepts

Our Solar Carport concept is not only modular installable and harvests renewable energy, it can be also combined with retail concepts, which serve drivers for grocery shopping and short lunch or coffee breaks. As the process of recharging is taking for most of the cars longer than 15min, this time can be used to grab a coffee in on of our predesigned modular pop-up shops. This business opportunity may be just the right incentive for those, who look for a short amortisation of the investments made into the charging infrastructure.