Tulip Umbrella

Stylish and versatile

By their elegant textile design tulip umbrellas make every location to a special experience. Including transparent central water drainage, free choice of colour and a wide range of lightings.


Aluminium Umbrellas

Weather-proof and maintenance-free

Utilizing solide profiles that are durable and rust-free, MDT-Tex Aluminium umbrellas are offered in a wide variety of sizes and can be configured easily in any outdoor situation. Their hard-wearing materials ensure weather protection for years to come.


Double Canopy Umbrella

Lightness and flexibility

This umbrellas creates a pillow of light when illuminated in the evenings. A special connection detail and central drainage mechanism allows these umbrellas to seamlessly cover any expanse of space without the ingress of rain. This leads to visionary opportunities to embrace the outdoors.


Shade Structures

Storm-safe and durable

Engineered specifically for long-spanning cover, these fixed shade structures are wind-stable and visually captivating. Perfectly suitable for all-season usage as well as for locations that are subject of high winds.


Sidearm Umbrella

Space-saving and elegant

Sidearm umbrellas are perfect for modern architecture. Their space saving construction enables to create open spaces within the smallest space. Ideal for terraces and balconies where the flexibility of space is a primary concern.


Umbrella bar

Convertible and functional

Textile Design for brands: Umbrella Bars, individualized by textile printing, offer gastro spaces for any weather condition – comfort guaranteed! Fabric segments and wind-wall pieces are exchangeable allowing for re-branding over the lifetime of the product.


Wooden Umbrellas

Classic and essential

Umbrellas with a wooden frame and rustproof metal components integrate perfectly into historic surroundings, domestic settings and classical architecture.