Storm-safe parasols in German quality - stable at up to 100 km/h when opened

Especially in windy places such as lakes, by the sea or in the mountains, parasols reach their limits pretty fast. This is not the case with our storm-safe parasols. Both the frame and the membrane are designed for high wind speeds. The mast thickness of our frames ranges between 100 and 150 mm diameter and the all-aluminium struts are reinforced with U-profiles. In combination with the appropriate ground anchorage, these umbrellas can withstand speeds of up to 100 km/h in the open state.


Storm-safe parasol with keder rails - even more stability with low follow-up costs

The storm-safe parasol Type TK is characterised by its special construction. All 12 struts are reinforced and have mounted keder rails. These not only ensure greater stability, but also make it easier to change the cover. If a segment is damaged, it is not necessary to replace the entire cover. With this model, it is possible to replace each segment of the cover individually. This primarily saves resources and time when changing the cover.

The storm-safe telescopic parasol from MDT - for more stability on your terrace

The model type TS is the storm-safe variant of our telescopic parasol Type T. The difference between the two models is primarily the reinforced aluminium struts and the stronger mast. This parasol is primarily made for locations that are affected by strong gusts up to approx. 80 km/h. The indicated Km/h numbers are valid for the open condition. Once the parasol is closed and fixed by the safety belt, it can withstand much higher wind loads.  

Wind resistance parasols with the right anchoring

To achieve such high wind resistance, as with our storm safe parasols Typ TS and Typ TK, we have standardised and customised anchoring solutions, which are statically calculated. Therefore, our clients can rely on the quality of MDT-tex products, even though under harsh and windy conditions. Our resistant and durable parasols are especially used on professional terraces to guarantee a sun and wind protection around the whole year.