Patio parasols for demanding use

To design a patio parasol professionally, every detail must be right. From the choice of materials to the static construction to the visual design, professional parasols must withstand the highest demands.


With over 30 years of experience and manufacturing in our own factories, we have developed sophisticated parasols that also reliably meet long-term use in the catering industry, in public places, on company buildings or even at events.

Telescopic Umbrellas
Telescopic Umbrellas
The classic professional umbrella for all the busy terraces. Easy handling for the operator and maximum shade and protection for comfortable outdoor service.
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Cantilever Umbrellas
Cantilever Umbrellas
Probably the best cantilever umbrellas on the market. Wind stable, customisable, easy handling and telescopic opening & closing.
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Double Canopy Umbrellas
Double Canopy Umbrellas
An Eye-Catcher night and day. Suitable for high-end catering concepts, cities and memorable terrace designs.
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Tulip Umbrellas
Tulip Umbrellas
The iconic tulip umbrella. Produced at MDT-tex since decades with highest dedication to quality and design.
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Parasols for professionals

When you run your business professionally, you can expect the same high-performance and reliability from your equipment, right down to the parasol. Professional parasols must fulfil three requirements in particular:

  • Provide reliable sun and rain protection in any weather
  • Be easy to handle
  • Fit visually into the overall picture or even provide a highlight itself

The first point is first achieved by a stable, statically tested structure and robust materials, which all our professional sunshades get. Together with optional ground anchors or reinforced parasol models, we can even create storm-proof market parasols, beer garden parasols or patio parasols that can withstand gusts of up to 80 km/h or even more.

The second point is especially important so that our parasols for professionals do not complicate the workflow of a business or market. Therefore, we manufacture sophisticated parasols with smooth-running mechanisms that are operated either by a hand crank or also with electrically operated systems. In addition, we also manufacture folding adapters for parasols if, for example, they are to be completely dismantled and reassembled on a regular basis.

And a professional parasol must not neglect the third point under any circumstances either. After all, the parasol coverings take up a certain amount of space and must fit seamlessly into the overall picture. With our textile architecture, the market parasols, beer garden parasols or patio parasols can either be inconspicuously staged as an extension of the surrounding landscape and architecture or even act as an eye-catcher with prints or a special colour design.

Professional parasols in versatile designs

Our wide range of parasol types includes the perfect solution for every purpose. First of all, we offer different covering shapes so that you can either combine several rectangular or square parasols for your intended use or create a special ambience with the round parasols.

Furthermore, these different covering shapes can be found in various types of umbrellas that come into question depending on the space. These include, for example:

  • Professional traffic light umbrellas with laterally offset mast
  • Unique tulip umbrellas with upward-opening covering
  • Double membrane umbrellas with numerous optional extras
  • Telescopic umbrellas in classic or storm-proof design
  • Individual parasol architecture with modular frame construction
  • Special parasol equipment with light, heating or solar elements

So you will find professional parasols for every need, from classic, simple tension parasols to large-scale, extravagant models with smart features. Accordingly, you can also get prompt solutions with quick delivery times from us or get extensive advice and plan long-term projects together with our designers and architects.

In addition to the shapes and types of sunshades, there are of course also different sizes of sunshades for professionals. The standard sizes between 3 metres and 7 metres canopy length can be delivered quickly and easily. On request, however, we can also manufacture large-scale models with a span of up to 16 metres or find individual surface solutions.

High-quality materials, high-quality accessories

We professionally equip every parasol with our own materials so that the construction can provide faithful service for as long as possible and does not fall to its knees even in difficult weather conditions or in exposed locations. We are particularly proud of our own membranes, which we have developed ourselves in versatile designs.

Our membranes made of polyester, acrylic, PVC and PTFE (Teflon) are available in various thicknesses and can be converted or printed in different colour variations. For each textile variant, we attach great importance to high UV resistance, tear resistance, water-repellent properties and colour fastness. Only in this way can a parasol be used professionally and retain its functional and visual advantages in the long term.

In addition, a professional parasol must also be flexibly adapted to the existing ground and, as desired, be firmly anchored or remain flexibly erectable and dismantleable. For this purpose, we offer various frame stands, folding sleeves or permanent ground anchors.

With our high-quality umbrella accessories, you can also contribute to the longevity of your professional umbrella by equipping it with a protective cover, for example, when it is not in use. Even if the umbrella can withstand the weather conditions, this will reduce wear and tear and extend the life of the umbrella.

In addition, you will find a wide variety of ground sleeves, weighting plates or anchoring sets for your type of umbrella, as well as a large selection of spare parts in case damage does occur.

The latter has the advantage that you do not have to replace the entire umbrella, but can get almost any individual part as a replacement. These include, for example:

  • Complete replacement coverings
  • Screws and bushes
  • Spare handles or hand cranks
  • Single support struts or replacement crowns
  • Heating radiators and other accessories

With these professional accessories, we can ensure that you can enjoy your custom umbrella designs for a long time, even if minor accidents or extreme weather have caused damage.

With personal expert advice to the perfect umbrella

Such a large selection can occasionally be overwhelming at first glance, which is why we offer personal advice to help you narrow down the range and find the perfect solution for you. At the same time, we have contact persons on site at numerous international locations and can react to your wishes quickly and without complications.

This way, you can get tailor-made shading concepts for your catering business, the company, the event or public places, which thereby clearly stand out from the monotonous mass-produced goods, both in terms of quality and design.