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    The Amsterdam Light Festival Info Booth Pavilion serves as both an attraction point and a ticketing/information booth for people visiting the festival. Located on the western side of the ‘Blauwbrug’, next to the river Amstel, the pavilion acted as a connection between the ‘Watercolour’ canal route and the ‘Illuminate’ land route

    The inspiration for the design of the pavilion originated from the theme of this year’s festival: biomimicry. The design is specifically inspired by the deep sea world, where living organisms counteract the darkness of their environment by employing bioluminescence - often hypnotic pulsating light - as an attraction and communication mechanism. This magical vivid world formed the starting point for the sculptural, yet functional pavilion.

    For the structure, two cube forms are con-nected to one another by twisting surfaces. The double curved surface joining the two cube sections is created between two rota-ted lines of different lengths. This results in panels with uneven dimensions and there-fore requires the parametric optimisation of these surfaces to ensure efficient design, fabrication and installation.

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    MDT-TEX 470 PTFE

    Mass ca. 470 g/m², water column pressure up to 500 mm.

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