Perfetto per ombreggiare piccole aree - i nostri ombrelli a braccio laterale e a sbalzo

Crea spazi liberi e aperti per te: con un ombrellone cantilever di MDT-tex sei tu a scegliere la direzione, non il palo! Grazie al palo posizionato lateralmente, al design salvaspazio e al pratico meccanismo di apertura, questo ombrellone è perfettamente adatto per aree esterne impegnative e piccoli spazi per eventi o per patii di ristoranti e hotel. L'ombrellone a braccio libero regolabile e bilanciato in modo ottimale offre un'ombra totale esattamente dove serve - in un design moderno e accattivante!

Tipo SA - Ombrello a sbalzo

For optimized seating arrangement and freedom of movement on your hotel or restaurant patio

Tipo SA'Home

The optimum sun protection – space-saving full shading for your home

Our large cantilever umbrella creates open spaces

A high level of flexibility, variability, and a range of cast shadow sizes make our MDT-tex sidearm umbrellas the perfect type for dynamic living spaces. Due to its unique design it provides a great deal of space under the canopy and maximum freedom of movement. It skillfully combines functionality with design: Small or large, rectangular or square – every single MDT-tex free-arm cantilever umbrella features weather-resistant materials, easy-to-replace parts, individual design and furnishing options, and aluminum and steel elements providing high mechanical strength with low weight. The maintenance-free gear mechanism is operated by a simple-to-use hand crank, making the umbrella easy to open and close above table level. The greater wind susceptibility of external pole umbrellas is no problem. The rotating pole positioned at the outer edge can bear loads of up to 200 kilograms. At the same time its oval or round profile and high-quality workmanship always ensure maximum stability.

For private and public applications – our free-arm umbrella

Whether as an eye-catcher for your home or an elegant catering umbrella: The wide range of positioning options of a modern cantilever umbrella provide more than just a cozy shaded space on your patio. The MDT-tex Type SA and SA Home umbrellas provide freedom of movement and an undisturbed, sweeping view. With our sidearm umbrella, specially designed for open spaces with integrated walkways, we move unnecessary obstacles out of the way in the outdoor areas of your restaurant, hotel, or home and make it easy to create an open seating arrangement and smooth catering operations. Both the smallest model, 3 x 3 meters in size, and our large cantilever umbrella, 5 x 5 meters, provide optimum shading during the day and – thanks to optional lighting and heating elements – impressive hours at night