Per la migliore protezione dal sole: un ombrellone in alluminio

Che siano quadrati, rettangolari o rotondi: Gli ombrelli telescopici in alluminio di MDT-tex offrono una protezione efficiente ed estetica dal sole e dalla pioggia, sia in applicazione mobile durante gli eventi che in installazione permanente.

I nostri ombrelli brevettati MDT-tex telescope interamente in alluminio sono stati sviluppati per le aree più piccole o più grandi e per resistere ai venti forti. La sicurezza e l'affidabilità che forniscono li rendono il tipo di ombrello più popolare per la ristorazione e le applicazioni industriali. Il nostro portafoglio di ombrelli commerciali va dai piccoli ombrelloni ai grandi ombrelli in alluminio resistenti al vento.

Tipo S16 - Parasole di tensione

Premium umbrella with a focus on design – optimally combining appearance and functionality

Tipo T - Parasole telescopio

One of the most popular umbrella types in the MDT-tex collection for catering and industry

Tipo TS - Tempesta sicura

Wind resitant commercial umbrella thanks to additional reinforcement

Tipo TK - resistente al vento

Storm safe commercial umbrella thanks to additional reinforcement

Intuitive and individual – umbrellas made of aluminum from MDT-tex

Every single aluminum telescope umbrella, whether Type G, Type S, Type S7, Type S16, Type T, or the storm-resistant Type TS, features maximum stability combined with minimum weight. Highest-quality, robust materials, a solid base, non-rusting metal couplings, and replaceable parts guarantee reliability and durability. Different opening mechanisms for each type of umbrella allow simple, quick opening and closing of the canopy above head height: While Type G is opened using an aluminum handle, the telescope mast of Type S is operated by means of a pair of self-locking aluminum lobe knobs located on the umbrella tube. Types S7 and S16 are opened using an integrated handle located at the lower end of the runner. Type T, on the other hand, is operated with a crank handle which drives a maintenance-free mechanism, making opening and closing into child's play. And so an aluminum umbrella always provides shade just where it is needed. Refitting with lighting, cooling, or heating elements is also no problem - thanks to the twin wall profiles in the mast which allow the installation of wiring.

The optimum aluminum umbrella for your needs

You live in a climatically challenging area and need an aluminum umbrella that can withstand winds of up to 130 km/h? The special versions of Type TS, our MDT-tex aluminum telescope umbrellas, are reinforced at critical points such as the ribs and mast or are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing optimum protection from rain and sun in mountainous areas, coastal regions, and on the roofs of skyscrapers. And with our highly specialized industrial production we are able to realize almost any desired individualization within the series. We would be happy to fabricate an initial prototype for you in our own production facilities.

Are you interested in an aluminum umbrella for the outdoor area of your restaurant or to shade your event area? We would be glad to advise you and to develop for you an individualized concept.