Sidearm umbrella

Type SA



  • M00FR White (00)
  • M11FR Yellow (11)
  • M21FR Beige (21)
  • M31FR Red (31)
  • M35FR Bordeaux (35)
  • M41FR Green (41)
  • M42FR Dark green (42)
  • M52FR Dark blue (52)
  • M61FR Silver (61)
  • M81FR Anthracite (81)
  • M91FR Black (91)
  • M00A White (00)
  • M11A Yellow (11)
  • M21A Beige (21)
  • M22A Dark beige (22)
  • M31A Red (31)
  • M35A Bordeaux (35)
  • M42A Dark green (42)
  • M52A Dark blue (52)
  • M81A Anthracite (81)
  • M91A Black (91)
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    The side-arm umbrella is ideally used for open spaces with pathways or to optimize seating arrangements. The rotating umbrella pole has an oval profile for maximum stability and for connecting the umbrella to cables.


    The cover is made up of individual segments which are screwed to the frame by Sterling Steel hooks at the top and by rust-proof screws at the ends of the spokes. The cover is replaceable and is fade, light and water resistant. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and can be ordered with valances.


    • Ground tube
    • Rotatable adapter
    • Core drilling and ram-pin


    • Digital print
    • Screen print
    • Dispersion dye print


    Umbrella spokes are made of rectangular aluminium sections of 40x20x2 - 50x30x3 mm. The mast is made of an oval aluminium section of diameter 140 mm in one plane and 100mm in the other. The aluminium telescope has section dimensions of 70x3 mm. The top plate and the crown are made with U profiles out of aluminium to house the struts. All parts are screwed together and the frame is powder coated (Polyester powder ca. 80 μ). All moving parts are made out of steel.

    • White RAL 9010 (standard)
    • Black RAL 9005
    • Silver RAL 9006


    The mast gears are maintenance-free and spindle. The canvas is opened and closed using a hand crank.


    • Opening and closing by hand crank
    • All materials are resistant to the effects of water corrosion
    • All parts attached by screws can be easily replaced
    • Mechanics include a telescopic pole which allows the umbrella to open or close over the table
    • Maintenance-free gear box
    • Possible with lights and heating
    • Safely handles winds up to 60 km/h (with the proper bases)
    • All highly stressed components are made out of steel


    • Various lighting possibilities
    • Transport case
    • Protective sleeve with a telescopic pole
    • Cabling is housed within the central mast
    • Event Platform and MDT Flex-Bar
  • Kumaslar ve Renkler

    MDT-TEX 260

    100% polyester dual-sided acrylic coating). Mass ca. 260 g/m², water column pressure over 700 mm, flame retardant up to B1 - DIN 4102-1, M1, NFPA 701 - Flat and Folded.

    MDT-TEX 300

    100% acrylic fabric. Mass ca. 300 g/m², water column pressure up to 350 mm.

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