Umbrella with lighting and double membrane

Impressive and functional all year round: Our MDT-tex Type AV double membrane umbrellas combine high tech with style in their own unique way. They feature modern, innovative design, internally integrated lighting technology, and simple coupling systems, making it possible to create entire canopy landscapes. And so a double membrane umbrella with lighting creates new living spaces and undreamed-of freedoms in the out of doors.

Type AV

efficient by day, impressive at night – an umbrella with integrated lighting elements

All our MDT-tex Type AV double membrane umbrellas have an integrated rain drain, a maintenance-free internal gear mechanism, are resistant to environmental influences, and can be individualized to suit your personal preferences. The AV umbrella types are available in 3 x 3 m, 4 x 4 m, 5 x 5 m and 6 x 6 m, the Home Collection variant in 3 x 3 m is equipped with a clamping mechanism consisting of a two-part aluminum grip on the umbrella shaft and a tension rod inside.

Umbrella with LED lighting: impressive, day and night

Are sun shades only good on sunny days? Not necessarily, as our double membrane umbrellas with lighting prove! Shade provider by day, effective mood element by night - an illuminated umbrella from MDT-tex is the perfect design element for your outdoor area. During the day it provides shade for areas of all sizes, either alone or coupled with more umbrellas via a "concealed" zipper system. At night the illuminated textile fabric provides pleasant lighting and the chrome plated shaft becomes nearly invisible, creating the impressive effect of floating pillows.

But these large umbrellas offer unique added value not only in terms of optics, but function as well, with an integrated rain gutter, for example, which conducts rainwater through a drain into the earth.