Tulip Shaped Umbrella with integrated PV Panels

MDT-tex’s Smart Solar Umbrella is a development which creates additional value for urban outside spaces. The Solar Umbrella is based on MDT’s prominent Tulip form, which has found itself in many large public projects. PV Claddings are adapted to the spokes, which ensures energy harvesting for mobile device charging and a vandalism secured structure in an open and closed position. Overall, the various modular designed accessories for the Smart Solar Umbrella, brings the opportunity, to transform the shaded area into a relaxation zone, outdoor working space or bike charging point.


Mobile Device Charging from MDT-tex

On an average day, the smart solar umbrella, harvests sufficient energy to charge your customers mobile devices, e-bikes or to illuminate the outdoor space in the evening. Restaurateurs and City planners may use this advantage to increase outdoor life especially in locations, where electrical grid locations are difficult to permit and to install.

How much energy can one harvest?

Each Solarmodule or Solarinstallation from MDT-tex is configured in a way, that the end user can seamless charge his mobile device through our integrated USB port. Umbrellas having a dimension of 4x4m, can harvest enough energy, to be used as an e-bike station for two units.