Brings new opportunities for EV charging concepts and redesigns the use of outdoor spaces

The smart solar shelter is one solution that MDT-Tex developed to confront the increasing environmental issues that our world is facing. As an result of climate change, we have to meet the demands of increasing temperatures in cities and an electrified e-mobility with our products. The multi-award winning tulip shape was further developed to a sustainable structure, which combines the long experience in innovative architecture and urban design with our environmental mission. The Solar Carport Shelter is available in two different formats, with the symmetric mast and with an asymmetric mast. Both formats have a span of 5,3 meters which provides a generous shading and 15 solar panels on its surface ensure maximum energy generation.
By its organic design the Solar Carport Shelter embeds itself into various environments well and offers a wide range of accessories starting from EV Charging systems to Media concepts for the public sector. As the central or optionally asymmetrical mast is equipped with drainage pipes, which guide the rainwater through a filtration system and store it in a covered water tank, valuable water can be obtained. .

Electrical vehicle charging systems from MDT-tex

Based on our clients need, the smart solar shelter can feature chargers for E-Bikes or E-Cars, which makes it  a predestined solution for micro mobility. Imaginable operation points of the solar charging shelter are for example: Retail Hubs, Highways, Supermarkets and spaces for public parking. MDT-tex helps to redesign the way how you charge electric vehicles, with an elegant and sustainable smart canopy. 

We can plan your individual charging concept and realise the project. 

How much Solar energy can one harvest?   

Every Carport can be installed with 15 solar panel (with 60 Cells per panel).  Depending on the local infrastructure or obtained solution, the Carport can incorporate a battery system to increase resiliency will feed the obtained energy into the local grid.   A full equipped Carport has an installed capacity of 4,5kWh. To ensure an optimum efficiency each of Inverters provided MPT-Software. The transformed energy is then useable to charge your electric car or E-Bike sustainable. The Solar panels are arranged horizontal, to minimise their visibility from the ground. LED lamps, integrated in the ground or structure ensure great awareness of your Solar Shelter and create an iconic atmosphere.