Industrial parasols from MDT - The right product for every application

Our industrial parasols are specially made for this purpose. They combine high stability with a classic product design. The handling is very user-friendly and can be easily done by the customer. The possible applications range from classic advertising umbrellas to storm-proof all-aluminium parasols.

Type RB

Ein eleganter Industriesonnenschirm für Veranstaltungen und Gastronomien

Type G - Telelight Umbrella

Minimum weight combined with maximum robustness for mobile use

The classic industrial parasols - Type G & Type RB

Our classic industrial parasols include Type G and Type RB. Both parasols are made of aluminium and can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 km/h in the open state when anchored to the ground. The primary difference is the opening mechanism. While the type G umbrella has a clamping handle for pulling downwards, the type RB is equipped with a clamping handle for hanging on the top. As anchoring we offer the flexible variant with a frame stand or the fixed anchoring by means of a ground sleeve.

The robust industrial parasol - Type T telescopic parasol

Thanks to its all-aluminium frame with a mast diameter of 80 mm, this model is designed for higher wind loads. With the appropriate anchorage, we guarantee stability at up to 60 km/h when open. The primary use of this parasol is in gastronomy. This model is very popular with franchise companies because it is easy to handle, has a removable crank handle and is very easy to maintain.