Textile facades and large umbrellas for your outdoor area

For festive occasions, weather protection systems and large umbrellas which offer variability while creating a sophisticated atmosphere are in demand. We have set ourselves the task of creating just such individual open-air living spaces. Spaces for people to meet all around the world where everyone feels at home - whether in their own living space, in their own garden, or in the public sphere. Membrane Design Technology - MDT for short - stands for high-quality products combining unique form and function. From the professional umbrella to large area sail or tent structures, our textile product range provides innovative, weather-resistant shading of trade fairs, exhibit sites, concerts, outdoor catering, walkways, courtyards, or your own private garden.

مـظلات الألمـنيوم

واقية لجميع عوامــل الطقس ولا تحتاج الى صيانة

باستخدام التشكيلات الصلبة التي تدوم طويلاً والممانعة للصدأ، أم دي تي تقدم المظلات في مجموعة واسعة من الأحجام ويمكن تهيئتها بسهولة في أي حالة في الهواء الطلق. المواد الصلبة المصنوعة منها المظلات تضمن الحماية الجوية لسنوات قادمة

الى منتجاتنا
لمحة سريعة

الــمظلات ذات الـغشاء الـمزدوج

الخفة والمرونة

تخلق هذه المظلات أجواءً رائعة جداً عندما تضاء في المساء. الوصلات الخاصة وآلية الصرف المركزية يسمح لهذه المظلات بتغطية أي فسحة من المساحات الخارجية دون دخول الأمطار. وهذا يؤدي إلى امكانية رؤية كبيرة جداً في الهواء الطلق.

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لمحة سريعة

مــظلة ذات الارتــكاز جــانـبي

توفر المساحات وأنيقة المظهر

المظلات ذات عامود الارتكاز الجانبي هي مثالية للهندسة المعمارية الحديثة. تمكن من توفير مساحة البناء لخلق المساحات المفتوحة ضمن أصغر مساحة. مثالية للشرفات والمصاطب حيث المرونة في الفضاء هي الشاغل الرئيسي

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لمحة سريعة

مــظلات الـــبار

ذات غشاء عملي وقابل للطي

تصميم منسوجات العلامات التجارية: مظلة البار، فردية عن طريق الطباعة الغزل والنسيج، توفر مساحات في أي حالة من أحوال الطقس - الراحة مضمونة! قطاعات النسيج وقواطع الرياح هي متبدلة للسماح لإعادة تعريف العلامة التجارية على مدى عمر المنتج

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لمحة سريعة

مــظلات الــتوليـب

أنيقة و متعددة الاستخدامات

من خلال النسيج الأنيق المظلات تصميم الخزامى على بذل كل موقع لتجربة خاصة. بما في ذلك شفافية تصريف المياه المركزي، حرية اختيار اللون ومجموعة واسعة من الأضاءة

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لمحة سريعة

From planning stage to the professional umbrella

You are looking for an attractive and long-term solution for shading the patio of your restaurant? You are playing with the idea of a permanent open-air stage where performances can go on rain or shine? Or do you wish for an elegant wooden umbrella with nostalgic charm for enjoying the summer in your own garden? We specialize in the manufacture of textile membrane structures for spaces between buildings and along facades, or to act as a protective "second skin" around your building, as well as fulfilling specialized individual orders.

Our broad selection of umbrella types and membrane structures ranges from large umbrellas such as aluminum umbrellas, tulip umbrellas, sidearm umbrellas, and double membrane umbrellas all the way to canopy systems such as umbrella bars, sail structures, and tents, and offers customized outdoor architecture for every occasion.
Which of these is best our experts will be happy to discuss with you in a personal consultation.

This is what makes MDT-tex sun protection systems special

  • They can be freely configured → Choose between numerous options for materials, color, lighting, printing, heating, and coupling of individual modules.
  • They can be fully integrated → In concert with structural engineers and architects we develop flexible coupling systems and individual modules which are easily integrated in existing infrastructures and which complement the overall look instead of interfering with it.
  • Their technology is designed for efficiency → Some types of umbrella are equipped with the ability to store water or with solar cells, providing additional utilization of energy.
  • They create experiences and emotions → By integrating internal lighting or scented elements impressive moments are guaranteed.

Individual, not industrial

You would like to increase your brand presence? We offer you the opportunity to give perfect expression to your individuality - in the true sense of the word! We are happy to brand your catering umbrella or your oversized shading system and to transfer any desired layout to a variety of umbrella shapes. From the initial idea to the final print, our team is at your side, helping you make a professional umbrella into YOUR professional umbrella.

High-quality material for exclusive umbrellas

Whether aluminum, textile or steel - whichever material you choose we will always provide you with the highest quality. To make sure everything works perfectly, from concept to realization, carry out every step ourselves and we rely on local manufacturing methods and continuous product optimization. Only in this way are we able to set the standards for reliability and durability.

The textile fibers we have developed in-house, such as polyester, acrylic, PVC and PTFE (Teflon), withstand even the heaviest loads. Every single MDT-tex product promises extraordinary color fastness and resistance to light, water, and weathering, and features high resistance to tearing and abrasion, withstands even severe environmental conditions, and in the case of PTFE Teflon, is even self-cleaning. These are only a few of the factors that guarantee an unusually long service life, and make especially our PTFE fabric a high-end material for large umbrellas, awnings, large area structures, projection surfaces, and illuminated ceilings.